dimanche 30 septembre 2012

Dux in the 15th century --> the cards!

As promiced, here they are:
When i discovered my printer had no ink, i decided to make the fate cards myself. They are dead simple: 4x6cm cardboard rectangles. The annoying thing is writing out all the rules, but at least i revised them as i went along! I have 2 sets, one for Arthurain and one for 15th century.
Some of the cards are, as in the case of unsuited cards, the same as in the original game, and i made the other cards as to reflect 'national characteristics', the typical stereotypes i guess of England and France! Some might be revised later on, but for now here they are...
Note: these are fan made, not intended for selling or any prohit on my behalf. Dux Britanniarum is a Toofatlardies game and all copyright belongs to them.
English suited cards (with a red cross on them)

Bounding move: As the Saxon card. 2 in the deck. Pursuit
Goad: As Saxon card. 2 in deck (migth swap for other, i included it to represent the English showing the French the two fingers)
Crouched lances!: Only included if shock cavalry in force. +1 to hit on charge. 2 in deck. Pursuit
Volley!: Archer group or fromation may fire again. 2 in deck. Retreat
French suited cards (with blue on them)
Crouched lances!: As above. 2 in deck. Pursuit
Hero of France: As Hero of the age British card.
Bravery: As Audacia British card.
No prisoners!: +D3 shock on charged enemy. Pursuit
Unsuited cards:
Fleet of foot: As in original game. 1 in deck.
Form up!: Imposes -1 to hit on enemy as your men stand close and present a wall of weapons. 2 in deck. Retreat
Evade: As original game. 1 in deck.
Disengage. As in original game. 1 in deck.
Step forth: As in original game. 2 in deck.
Desperare: As in original game. 4 in deck.
Fear: As in original game. 1 in deck.
Rally: As in original game. 1 in deck.
Armour bright: As in original game. 2 in deck.
English start with a Volley and Form up! card, the French with a Crouched lances! and Hero of France card.
Nobles may be mounted, increasing movement to 3D6+2 and treat terrain as cavalry. If unhorsed, may only be unhorsed on 1 or 2 for current turn (no chance of going out the game).
Now, the tricky question of troops. There has been much talk on whether missile troops should be worse in combat, and i, having read many articles and books, decided to give units of warriors and levies missile weapons and in combat they are the same class. It avoids confusion and many missile troops in the 15th century were armed and ready to join in the melee if needed.
A rule could be that archers behind stakes or pits be rated one grade higher for the first round, but i have not tried it yet.
So, i class English archers as warriors and their men at arms as elite. If fighting in the wars of the roses maybe some elite could become less experiance warriors, and some archers downgraded to levy.
Hangunners are treated as missile troops, and are dispersed when charged as normal.
As for ranges, 24 inches seems a bit short for longbows and crossbows, so i boosted it to 30 inches. Hanguns have 20 inch range, as they are inaccurate. There are no special rules defining longbows, as bows fire quicker, but crossbows harder so i assume they balance each other out. The main advantage of the English archers is that there are more of them.
Pavises, if equipped, slow movement by D6 by count as in cover for shooting.
I also have some ideas for Burgundians:
Level pikes!: Pike armed foot cause shock on 5 or 6 on charging enemy, basically Strong arm but the other way around. 2 in the deck.
For Burgundy!: As hero of the age. 1 in the deck.
Crouched lances!: As above. 2 in the deck.
Volley!: As the English card. 2 in the deck.
These are only a draft.
Thanks to everyone who commented and gave me their ideas, they really helped. Dalauppror, I would be interested to see you using you Kalmar Union armies for Dux, maybe a Swedish noble raiding the lands of the Danes? I have some Scandinavians in my force, in the process of making 6 mercenary Crossbow men for use in Battles, or maybe even the start of a Kalmar Union project???
Thinking of the Hanseatic league, naval raiding with Dux anyone? :D
To finish off todays post is some eye candy; a massed image of my 15th century men. Almost all the painted figures are there. I do have lots of unpainted ones waiting for their day. 

God looks down on us! I like this image, shame the front men are out of focus.

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  1. Hi Max

    had missed the comment about Kalmar Union Project. I will asolutely try out Dux in a Kalmar Union setting.

    Good I deea about the Cog wars, Hanseatic league and Vitaliebrotherhod, perfect setting for some semi skirmich gaming.

    Best regards Michael


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