dimanche 30 septembre 2012

Dux in the 15th century --> the cards!

As promiced, here they are:
When i discovered my printer had no ink, i decided to make the fate cards myself. They are dead simple: 4x6cm cardboard rectangles. The annoying thing is writing out all the rules, but at least i revised them as i went along! I have 2 sets, one for Arthurain and one for 15th century.
Some of the cards are, as in the case of unsuited cards, the same as in the original game, and i made the other cards as to reflect 'national characteristics', the typical stereotypes i guess of England and France! Some might be revised later on, but for now here they are...
Note: these are fan made, not intended for selling or any prohit on my behalf. Dux Britanniarum is a Toofatlardies game and all copyright belongs to them.
English suited cards (with a red cross on them)

Bounding move: As the Saxon card. 2 in the deck. Pursuit
Goad: As Saxon card. 2 in deck (migth swap for other, i included it to represent the English showing the French the two fingers)
Crouched lances!: Only included if shock cavalry in force. +1 to hit on charge. 2 in deck. Pursuit
Volley!: Archer group or fromation may fire again. 2 in deck. Retreat
French suited cards (with blue on them)
Crouched lances!: As above. 2 in deck. Pursuit
Hero of France: As Hero of the age British card.
Bravery: As Audacia British card.
No prisoners!: +D3 shock on charged enemy. Pursuit
Unsuited cards:
Fleet of foot: As in original game. 1 in deck.
Form up!: Imposes -1 to hit on enemy as your men stand close and present a wall of weapons. 2 in deck. Retreat
Evade: As original game. 1 in deck.
Disengage. As in original game. 1 in deck.
Step forth: As in original game. 2 in deck.
Desperare: As in original game. 4 in deck.
Fear: As in original game. 1 in deck.
Rally: As in original game. 1 in deck.
Armour bright: As in original game. 2 in deck.
English start with a Volley and Form up! card, the French with a Crouched lances! and Hero of France card.
Nobles may be mounted, increasing movement to 3D6+2 and treat terrain as cavalry. If unhorsed, may only be unhorsed on 1 or 2 for current turn (no chance of going out the game).
Now, the tricky question of troops. There has been much talk on whether missile troops should be worse in combat, and i, having read many articles and books, decided to give units of warriors and levies missile weapons and in combat they are the same class. It avoids confusion and many missile troops in the 15th century were armed and ready to join in the melee if needed.
A rule could be that archers behind stakes or pits be rated one grade higher for the first round, but i have not tried it yet.
So, i class English archers as warriors and their men at arms as elite. If fighting in the wars of the roses maybe some elite could become less experiance warriors, and some archers downgraded to levy.
Hangunners are treated as missile troops, and are dispersed when charged as normal.
As for ranges, 24 inches seems a bit short for longbows and crossbows, so i boosted it to 30 inches. Hanguns have 20 inch range, as they are inaccurate. There are no special rules defining longbows, as bows fire quicker, but crossbows harder so i assume they balance each other out. The main advantage of the English archers is that there are more of them.
Pavises, if equipped, slow movement by D6 by count as in cover for shooting.
I also have some ideas for Burgundians:
Level pikes!: Pike armed foot cause shock on 5 or 6 on charging enemy, basically Strong arm but the other way around. 2 in the deck.
For Burgundy!: As hero of the age. 1 in the deck.
Crouched lances!: As above. 2 in the deck.
Volley!: As the English card. 2 in the deck.
These are only a draft.
Thanks to everyone who commented and gave me their ideas, they really helped. Dalauppror, I would be interested to see you using you Kalmar Union armies for Dux, maybe a Swedish noble raiding the lands of the Danes? I have some Scandinavians in my force, in the process of making 6 mercenary Crossbow men for use in Battles, or maybe even the start of a Kalmar Union project???
Thinking of the Hanseatic league, naval raiding with Dux anyone? :D
To finish off todays post is some eye candy; a massed image of my 15th century men. Almost all the painted figures are there. I do have lots of unpainted ones waiting for their day. 

God looks down on us! I like this image, shame the front men are out of focus.

samedi 29 septembre 2012

Dux meets 15th century

First of all, greetings to my new followers. Sorry for the delay in posting, real life gets in the way at times! Anyway...
Dux arrived! Well, it actually arrived last Thursday, but i had no time to blog, so this and tomorrow's post will be extra long!
I have played 2 games using my Vikings and Saxons, but i was really wanting to play with my 15th century collection. So, new cards written and cut, i got out the armies and played. The game was an English raid into France, with no specific year or setting.
The French! One shock cavalry, one elite, 2 archer and 1 warrior unit, as well as 4 hangunners and 4 heroes.

The English! 2 elite and 3 longbow units.

Move it move it! English enter the board.

The first French defenders are a band of crossbow archers. They fire away and hope friends are not far behind.

Bon Dieu! The French arrive turn 2, led by knights and warriors.

The English commander looting a building. I used the church raid scenario, using a merchant's house for the church. The Lord spend most of the game in there!

French head to the house while English archers line up and pour on the fire.

French cavalry charge forward bravely, but roll 1 inch less and the charge misses! Next turn the English give them a volley, killing one.

Argh! Almost...
Hmm, wierd stretched picture. :/

Knights get stuck in and men at arms rush to the rescue.

Then, the batteries die :(
Admittedly i forgot one or two rules, mainly one concerning shock cavalry, probably why the archers weren't crushed on the first charge.
I decided not to write a review on the rules as there are loads on the web already. I will say that they are nice, fluid rules that work well for for the 15th century. I have images of another raid i fought, which will be posted tomorrow as well as the cards. I have English and French, and Burgundy are in the works, almost a mix of the two with some other features thrown in.
I have also modified the armies. The English now have 4 longbow archer units, and the French are 1 elite shock, 1 warrior shock, 1 warrior missiles and either 2 warrior or 3 levy groups (thanks to Arlequin over at Lead Adventure).
So, until tomorrow!

mercredi 19 septembre 2012

Runissia, now with cities!

Олег пищалев, Tim, Paul and Ray, welcome to my mead hall (or castle hall, depends on era i'm currently in)!

I was going to post the mercenaries i had finished, all based and nice, but time seemed to disappear and i took no photos. They'll be a weekend update.
This map is of course Runissia, and the other day i decided to add some cities to it. At first it might seem like not many, but Runissia is quite a hostile place to live in, and most of the population live in small villages scattered around the nation. There are also smaller towns but i'm not going to plot every one!
I circled them in red because a small black dot is hard to see on a black and white drawing filled with writing. Get the full size image up to read the names.
I decided that in Runissia the population is roughly 2 million, which is total guesswork and is similar to some medieval countries if i recall properly. About 10-15% live in the towns, which again is a rough figure.
I have seen some blogs for imagi-nations in the 18th century and they inspired me to get more done with my fantasy world, if only fireforge released their sergeants quicker! I am currently meditating on the figures to use for Runissians and Kaliads. The Kaliads are rather easy, being fireforge sergeants bodies with parts from Perry sets, while the Runissians are harder because i want a far number of men in chain mail. Wargames factory Saxons/Vikings maybe? I'm scouring the web; forums and magazines for any possible candidates; i've got plenty of time, it's a very long term project!

dimanche 16 septembre 2012

Finished houses and WIP mercs

The dux has been lost in the post. After four weeks, i messaged the lards and they have sent me another book, that should arrive in 10 days after their site. Great service from the lards, but not from the post...
Well, at least i got these done.
I painted up the two medieval houses i built, they only need some detail on the doors and shutters, and one needs an interiour but for now it'll be bare. Here, a little scale image with some new pike men.

Close up. These were supposed to be Burgundians, but like a complete numpty I swapped the livery colour. Doh! Now they are German mercenaries who followed Maxamillian to Flanders.

WIP of next batch. Being mercenaries, i went for less uniform colours, but this in fact made it worse as it takes longer to do each man's hose or tunic. More uniform in the future i think. All i need to do on these men are the pike shafts and handguns, some silver details and patching up, not to mention bases.

I do love modelling, and men at arms are my favorite as you can make really good looking armoured men with the Perry plastics. The left hand figure was created using a Mercenary command body and arms, with an armet from the knight bow, and the right hand man is from the English box with arms, axe and armet from the knight's box (you can't really see the axe, but it's pointing up!). Men at arms are also easier to paint ;)

After the batch above i have two mounted sergeants/coustillier/whatever to paint up. Best get cracking before my book arrives!

lundi 10 septembre 2012


The next part of the Saga of 6 Families (bit delayed):

   Old Man’s Rock was said to be a sorcerer’s stone, placed thousands of years ago before the Vendens came to Runissia and began their conquest. It was tall, but now it lay down and was covered in ivy and tree roots. Insects and small animals made their homes in and around it, but no man built his house or ploughed his fields within several leagues of it; the ground was chalky, and tales of ghosts and living dead kept them away, so the ground was used by the nobles as a meeting point, a place where no one had the advantage and they all met as equals. Gritten ensured he was the first there, and made camp as he waited for the others to arrive. Yorc Elard arrived just after Gritten, having followed him most of the way but falling behind when a horse became lame a day ago. Next Reidr Ulfarn, still as sly and sinister as ever. Gritten remarked that all his four sworn men were with him, but the rider had told him that two men had accompanied Jatgeir when he marched on Falfanar. What game is he playing? What has he done behind our backs?
   Armal Hrodal arrived next the day after Reidr, a worried look on his face.
   “Raiders have burned a village on the Sunset Shore, north of The Spear.” He explained. His son was absent, apparently raising men to destroy the raiders. “I must leave tomorrow evening at latest.”
   “We will speak and solve this problem as quickly as possible, and I will ensure Yorc has a boat and men ready to help you.” Now they all waited for Falfanar.
   He arrived in the evening, surrounded by almost a dozen warriors and Jatgeir’s son in chains behind. He oozed in arrogance and pride and he grinned widely as he approached the other nobles.
   “Nobles!” He proclaimed, leaping from his horse. “Equals, and friends!” He looked at every one of them in turn with blue, intelligent eyes. “Pray tell why you summon me here.”
   “For peace.” Gritten responded. “We must end this now before anymore lives are lost.”
   “I demand payment for Jatgeir’s actions.” Falfanar said instantly confidently. “And also his fort at Evensill as compensation.”
   The other nobles looked at Gritten, their mouths sealed shut. “You shall be compensated, but Daras will keep Evensill.”
   “After Jatgeir attacked me? According to our laws, when we defeat an enemy we have the right to take what we wish, and I wish to take Evensill. Unless he can pay my required amount.”
   “This is not war, Falfanar.”
   “I can make one if Daras wants.”
   “There will be no war. No burning or looting, the violence ends now. Enemies are on our coast, we must not fight ourselves.” The men listening mumbled quietly but the nobles kept still as statues. “Daras will pay you the demaded amount, and Jatgeir will go into exile.”
   “And this son?” Falfanar jerked his head to Jatgeir’s second son.
   “Him too.” Falfaar snorted.
   “We must choose a new lord of Drikilvarr then.” Gritten nodded slowly, and pretended to pause in thought.
   “I have another suggestion.” He paused. “There will be no lord, no master over the others. Each noble rules his land and three times a year we meet here to discuss important matters of the island of a whole. We were born equal, let us live that way.”
   “I have another idea.” Falfanar suddenly drew his sword. “I will be lord!”
   Suddenly Falfanar’s men charged into the talking nobles, some running around the Old Man’s Rock to attack the Hrodals and others jumping from a clump of trees and attacked Reidr Ulfarn, while Falfanar led his own men into Gritten.
   Gritten drew his ancient sword, the runes engraved along the blade glittering in readiness for the coming slaughter.
   “Stop Falfanar!” He shouted but the noble rammed into him, confidence in his eyes and a mad grin on his face. Falfanar’s son fought at his side and one of Gritten’s bodyguards fell, a spear in his throat.
   In an instant almost every warrior in a noble’s retinue was fighting each other, and the impetus of Falfanar’s charge felled many men. Swords and axes bit chain and leather, slicing through cloths and spilling much blood. Gritten hammered his sword at Falfanar, battering his shield into splinters. His retinue was now around him, thrusting spears past him and cutting down Falfanar’s sworn swords.
   A cry came from Gritten’s left as Armal’s men beat off their enemies and pursued them, slashing them as they ran, while to his right Reidr’s four men fought skilfully, fighting off two men each with ease. Soon, only Gritten’s men and Falfanar’s centre still stood.
   “Give it up!” Gritten spat.
   “It’s you or me!” Falfanar retorted, bashing Gritten’s helmet and stunning him. He lunged his sword into Gritten’s left arm, drawing blood. “Surrender?”
   “Bastard!” Gritten shoved him back. “I’ll kill you and hang you head on my fort!”
   Within a few minutes the last of Falfanar’s men died or fled, and Falfanar began to slow but never gave in despite being surrounded by six men. Soon however, a warrior lodged his spear in his back thigh and he fell to his knees, panting and sweating.
   “I had you…” he hissed. Using his last energy reserve, he swung low at Gritten’s ankles, but the big man batted it aside easily. Without another word Gritten hacked off the pretender’s head and his body fell limp.

   The omens had spoken true.
   The gods had looked away and how two families are ruined, nobles killed and the blood of their best men stained the soil. Falfanar had been killed, Jatgeir was missing and his son killed while trying to escape. Gritten too now lay in a fevered state, his wound festering as he lay sweating and shivering. Raiders threatened the Sunset Shore and the nobles fought between themselves instead of outsiders.
   Daras sat in the hall at Evensill. It was much emptier now; there was the Aeborth’s steward, the new master at arms Herend, his sister Arga and a clutch of servants and scribes, while before him a villager pensioned for a tax decrease due to a poor harvest. Daras allowed the man a third decrease, but had to perform a day’s labour each week for one month in exchange. The farmer sworn an oath and left, followed by the servants and guards.
   Daras waited for the hall to be empty before moving. He stood, his heart heavy, and paced up and down the long hallway, past the racks of spears, swords and polished helmets. Light poured through the high windows like liquid gold and dust danced like huge flocks of twitter birds. Outside the door the guards changed shifts.
   What am I to do now? The Night Swords are all but gone, my family is broken and no more than a shadow, and the only man powerful enough to keep the peace is dying. Will his son be able to take his place? With his left hand tucked under his cloak, Daras pondered on the fate of his family and Drikilvarr. The feuding had left them weak and open to attack, and any man who could have been the lord was now dead or gone. He ran over the option; Reidr was too sly, he preferred to stay in Wolf Cave and rule his little corner of the island. Yorc was powerful, but a fool, everyone knew, and would not make a good lord. Armal too poor to enforce his power over anyone and Gritten’s son was young, even younger than Daras. He had heard that Gritten had suggested they rule as a counsel, maybe that was the best way?
   There was a light knock at the door that broke Daras’ chain of thought. The steward Yargras showed his bearded face around the door.
   “There is a man to see you.”
   “Who is it?”
   “He does not say, but he says it is important.”
   “Show him in.” The steward disappeared and a few moments later a hooded man entered. His cloak was roughly spun and dirt splattered, and under the hood his face looked old and creased.
   The door closed with a low thud.
   “I guess you have heard.” The man said, walking into the middle of the hall. “I also bring you news. The raiders are north of Evensill. Armal’s son Boerg is marching south, he request you sent men to reinforce him.”
   “I will do my best.” That would not be easy. “Who are you?”
   The man pushed back his hood and brushed the hair from his eyes. “Recognise me?”
   Reidr Ulfarn looked at Daras, son of Jatgeir, with his cold grey eyes.
   “You?” Daras could not help keeping the shock from his voice. “Why did you disguise yourself?”
   “I wanted to speak to you in private, without the others knowing.”
   “The others?”
   “The nobles.” He paused, pulling off his gloves. “Falfanar is dead, you father missing and Gritten will die within the week. Gaeten Grittenson is a young pup and must be controlled less he seek revenge and rip the land apart. We need a leader.”
   “We could form a counsel, as Gritten suggested.”
   Reidr sneered. “See where that got him, a mound in the earth and a weeping wife. No, we need a strong leader, not a bunch of bickering lords who each want their own way. Give each man his word and you give each man his right to protest, which leads to fractioning and feuding and death. Men are like wolves, Daras, they need a strong leader.”
   “Who do you propose?”
   “You are the son of the lord, and currently the strongest on the island.”
   “Yorc is richer than me, and I barely have half a dozen swords, I am far from powerful.”
   “Strength is not measured only in gold or warriors. It is measured with intelligence, will power and determination, with bravery and logic. A dumb soldier cannot lead, and a weak merchant cannot fight, a leader must be a perfect mix of all.”
   “Why not you?”
   Reidr offered Daras a smile. “Me? I wouldn’t want the responsibility. Anyway, no one trusts the wolf.”
   “Why should I then?”
   “Because you want peace.” Reidr sat himself down on a bench. “I will not lead but I will serve. I will help you become lord and I will keep you there. Take up the place and I will give you my sword, you are the best we have.”
   “We should inform the others.”
   “They will surely be against it.”
   “But they must know.”
   “Later, when we are sure they will not rebel against us.” Daras judged the Ulfarn, his brow creasing in thought.
   “I shall take up the title, and bring peace to this island.” Reidr nodded seriously and pulled his hood over his head.
   “You have my word, Daras, and my sword.”

dimanche 9 septembre 2012

Runissia in pictures

While i have the computer to myself i shall post up some drawings of ideas for my fantasy world, Runissia (and other nations).
Note i'm not a great artist, and proportions may be odd.
Click on images to get a much bigger image.

I'm searching for a medieval/dark age feel, no knights in shining armour. There is plate armour, but it is limited to breastplates, greaves and hand protection, and is expensive so only wore by nobles or those who have salvaged some from plunder.
Here, the left hand armoured man is a Kindarrian jorfar, a noble in Kindarrian terms (it's not our world, so i use different terms, even going as far as calling the Runissian king the taludarn, coming from talud, the Runissian word for mountain). He wears a breastplate, leg and hand plates, and fashionable shoulder guards popular amongst the elite in Kindarr. His helmet is a variation of the basinet, being fully enclosed. The left hand man is a Runissian or Kindarrian foot soldier wearing a chain mail hauberk under a padded jacket, as well as leg plates and a basinet, the most popular helmet.

Basinet variants. The coif, a chain mail hood worn from the helmet, are very popular, and many basinets are completely enclosed, the newest versions having movable visors. At the bottom is a Runissian soldier on the left and a jerud, a Runissian noble with halberd and a mantle. These are long surcoat like cloths, some open at the front and worn in court and in battle. He carries a halberd as pole arms are very popular.

Kindarrian troops. At the bottom, a jorfar leaves his lady to go to war. Padded and studded leather vests are often worn over the mail shirt to protect against picks and spears. He carries a basinet with attached coif.

Left; a jorfar in long hauberk, breatplate and small shoulder guards. He carries a tear drop shield and wears an enclosed basinet. His chain stockings are older versions and are falling from favour against plate protection.
Middle; a foot soldier with spear and studded vest. he also wears padded protection on his legs, as well as knee caps and high boots, popular in Runissia and the lower ranks or Kindarrian society.
Right; jorfar or professional soldier in long sleeved hauberk, plated gloves and a basinet with coif. He carries a hooked spear. This could also be a Runissian.

A draft with Kindarrian basinet types and a jorfar.

Kaliads who live south of Runissia. To the bottom left is a selection of pole arms.

Left; Kaliad soldier with studded vest, high boots and a kettle helmet. Kaliad is poorer and it's foot troops are poorly equipped compared to Runissia and Kindarr.
Middle; A khorv, or Kaliad noble, in chain mail hauberk and carrying a tear drop shield. For Kaliads, nature is part of their religion (more on this later).
Right; shield or pavise bearer. These men stand in front of Kaliad units and protect the men armed with spears, halberds and pikes. This man carries a sword and wears a padded jacket and basinet with coif.

Enclosed basinets and swords.
As you may have guessed, i like thinking, and something my philosophy teacher said recently has made me think about my fantasy world (i'm in terminal). Basically, man models art and music on religion, and he mentioned weapons and i thought of the sword looking like the Cross in Christianity, so i thought 'hey, that means weapons in Runissia must have religions meanings'. So came the mass of sword pommels above.
In Runissia, the 'Dornavan Order' exalts light and goodness, so i thought along the lines of sun, gems, etc. In Kaliad, nature is part of their religion, so leaves, drops and plants. These then became numerous hilts and shields (drop shaped). For hilts i stayed simpler, with Runissian and Kaliad designs being smaller while Kindarrians prefer wider hilts.
Hope your head's not hurting.
So there you go, the basic image i'm looking for.

Pour les lecteurs francais, commentez en francais, je vous comprendrai ;) Et si vous comprenez pas quelque chose, disez moi et le traduirai! Je passe tous mes jours depuis 4 ans au ecole alors on apprend!

How they should look

I've been musing over a Runissian and Kaliad project lately, as you may know. I plan to use fireforge conversions and some other figures for mail and padded armoured cavalry, yet to be decided. I did, however, fancy doing something different, mostly on the basing front...
So far, all my figures are on 20mm bases, so i can switch between skirmish and battle rules, but for my Runissians, i am thinking about doing them on multi bases. I really want to try these out, as i think you can really get the packed ranks feel that you don't get when all figures are on their own bases. I will mostly be playing with either dux britanniarum or Impetus, so my bases will be of 6 figures.

Here is my plan:

But wait, there is more! Instead of sticking them all on the same base, each man will be on a small tab, only slightly bigger than his own bases (fireforge foot have large tabs on their feet so might not need small bases adding). These men will then be moved thanks to a sabot bases, with each hole cut to hold a specific figures.

Sound complicated? Basically, a sabot base but each man has a smaller base allowing men to be removed by close enough to look like a unit. These two bases of Saxons will be tests, and will also serve as warriors in dux britanniarum. The base size is not fully decided yet, but will be around 60mm by 40mm. 80mm wide seems too big, and i thought 3 men on 40mm square bases but i want packed ranks.

Maybe it'll look good, or not, we will see. But first the Perry medievals.

jeudi 6 septembre 2012

2 Dux armies, but no book

As some of you might have guessed, i'm rather excited about dux britanniarum, even if it's taking for ever to arrive. To illustrate my lists, i took pictures for the Vikings and the English lists i proposed on an earlier post.

Here's the Viking one; two elite units, three warrior units, some archers and the leaders.

It's the same size as an early Saxon army, and will probably play pretty much the same.

Next the late medieval English list. It could be used for late 100 years wars, and with different figures could be earlier (Crecy period). There are two units of elite men at arms and some billmen (not 1 elite and 1 warrior unit, as before) and 3 units of warriors with bows.          

The combat part of the force, and the leaders and banner holding champion. As for fate cards, i have ideas but will post nothing until i know the rules.

'Go get 'em boys!!'

The archers, three units of the devils :p

No French yet as the cavalry's not painted.

Following chatter on the Lead Adventure Forum and comments i will change some of my lists (thanks to all for the comments!), and one day i might get to play a game! Note this is nothing to do with the lards, who were excellent following PDF problems, it's just the damned post service!!!

Also, i have seen Fireforge games will be releasing some foot soldiers soon. They look rather nice, and perhaps i will buy a box or two and make them into figures for my fantasy world (i avoid from saying Runissia because that's only one nation, there's the Kaliads, Kindarrians, and others). The foot will work for most infantry, with Perry heads for Runissians and Kindarrians (with added coifs) and the kettle hats for Kaliad clansmen with spears. The shields will work will only a little trimming, and i have spare weapons and wire to replace some of the Warhammer like weapons they carry.
The only problem is cavalry, as they all wear surcoats while i want chain mail and sculpt breastplates and shoulder plates over them. Conquest maybe? We will see, it's still just an idea (i still have a box of perrys and half a box of knights, plus lots to paint)!

mardi 4 septembre 2012

Folow the banner!

As what happens in the books, i send forward my banner to greet the riders, in this instance the new followers.
Another man at arms painted and based, this time a standard bearer. Small broken fence to add a little extra detail.

The banner is not stuck on so i can swap it according to alleigance.

Back to lycée tomorrow, so production will be slow. Still no Dux yet, hope he arrives tomorrow (it's wednesday, a half day giving me time to play!).

samedi 1 septembre 2012

Dux varients

I have been using my brain cells recently while i wait for the rule book to arrive, thinking of any way i can exploit my miniatures collection for these rules. Basicly to run a campaign you need an attacker to raid and a defender to protect his realm. The possibilities are endless...

  • Vikings and Saxons, easy, already been thought of, and could be played with minor changes. Give the Vikings the shield wall ability and keep the cards the same. Ferocious charge can become 'boar's tusk', same rules different name.
  • Normans vs Saxons, or French? Some new cards for the Normans.
  • Bit different now; 15th century. As in my previous past, i noted several thoughts such as Lancastrian raiders in the north following Towton, French and English raiders in the Channel and the French, Burgundy wars. Maybe two small Italian states battling each other for domination?
  • Lord of the Rings setting, with the orcs raiding the lands of the free peoples. Orcs will play as Saxons more or less, and Minas Tirith as Britons. Rohan would be slightly more difficult, as they are mostly horsemen but perhaps they have less men, but most mounted?
These are just some of the less crazy ideas (i thought a modified campaign system could be used for guerilla warefare, such as partisans in WWII or the Vietnam war!), not sure for fate cards just yet but all will become clearer when i read the rules.

As for forces, i have several thoughts.

Vikings as early Saxons, later Saxons as Britons. Nothing new here.

No ideas on Normans, but their has been a lot of talk on the lardies yahoo group recently.

Right, 15th century. The main problem here is archers; English armies had lots more archers than in Saxon times, and often fought in hand to hand. I thought that warrior class archers may shoot and fight in hand to hand (maybe less effective?) while levy archers run, as skirmishers. As for lists:
-English: 1x6 Men at arms on foot (elites), 1x6 billmen (warriors), 3x6 archers (warriors, & levy?), 1x6 levies perhaps and possibly 4 skirmishers with handguns.
-Burgundy: 1x4 knights (elite shock cavalry), 1x4 sergeants (warrior shock or light cavalry), 2x6 soldiers, 1x6 militia pikemen, 1x4 skirmishers with handguns.
-French: 2x knights (elite shock cavalry), 1x4 sergeants (warrior light cavalry), 1x6 soldiers with pole arms, 3x6 frnac archers (1 unit with bows or crossbows), 1x4 skirmishers as above.
-Scottish: 1x6 men at arms on foot, 4x6 soldiers zith long spears, 1x4 border horse (warrior light), 1x 4 skirmishers.
All needs testing of course.

As for lord of the rings, i have 2 lists;
Orcs: 4x6 warriors, 1x4 warg riders (warrior light cavalry), 1x4 skirmishers, maybe 6 urak hai or tough orcs (elite).
Minas Tirith: 2x6 veterans (elite), 2 or 3x6 warriors, 1x4 missile troops.

All the above lists have a leader, champion, and 2 big men, or nobles.
I have some fate card ideas, put i'll leave it at that for today!

Back to school for me soon, so imput will decrease :( Never mind, i can't be on holiday all the time.

Please feel free to critic my ideas, and don't feel bad if you tell me they're naff. They're just some ideas taken from my notebook.