mercredi 3 octobre 2012

More musing on Dux and 2 Runissians

Many people, including me, like army lists. I also like characterful armies, so i had the idea to make 'alternative forces' for Dux. Let me explain...
In Dux, at the beginning you start off as a lesser noble, captain or whatever trying to make his mark in the world. Normally we'd start as a noble with a band of trained men, but what if we were someone else? So instead of being a landed nobleman, what if the players were constables of Burgundian guilds, or captains in the Franc archers? You're men will be mediocre, but it will be interesting.
The idea i had was the constable commanded a band of militia men from one of the Lowland towns (or a small, imaginary one) and had to work his way up the social ladder, becoming the guild master, then a militia leader and finally the town's gouvernor, and then chooses whether he will fight ofr Burgundy or the town's freedom.
Another idea could be an English Squire who has offered to raise some men for a magnate in the wars of the roses. His force is centred around some men at arms and retinue bowmen, while the rest of the force is levy tenants, half with bows and the other half with bills.
Army lists shall come soon! ;)
I have also made a start on my Runissians. I decided to use Perry miniatures rather than Fireforge for several reasons. First, i know the miniatures and like them very muchly. Second, i have plenty of ideas for them and also theymix well with bits i already have, while the Fireforge are entierly new to me, and they are not even out yet and i want to make some now!!!
Anyway, here are me two creations; two elite troops, the norkori or retinue troops.

Both are perry bodies with one or two wargames factory parts, and plenty of miliput. I'm happy with them, but the boots need some work. Well, it's still early days!

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