vendredi 7 juin 2013

Long time no post

The day in June 7th and my last post was May 25th. Almost 2 weeks without a post, time flies by when your having fun!
The lack of posts was nothing to do with lack of hobby productivity, i just really didn't want to take pictures, load them onto the net (especially with our amazing connection) and some time spend away from the games table was spend on work, as i've got exams in 2 weeks!

I have not been idle, however, for i now have a total of 42 converted figures, 10 painted with the rest
 either base coated or still in plastic. Pictures will soon appear, but there's no light left now so it will have to be tomorrow.. It also gives me time to do the bases.

What have i got to show then? Nothing much, just some drawings that i do to get ideas for my conversions. They're a bit un-animated, but i only use them to remember armour and dress. I might draw them in a pose i need to remember, but i'm getting good at doing standing men quickly so i rely on making the figures to bring them to life.

Some have been built, some are waiting to be done. As you can tell, i was too lazy to get out the scanner so took some pictures quickly.

Some earlier drawings i did, these were the initial drawings before i began my mad milliputting rampage.

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