jeudi 6 septembre 2012

2 Dux armies, but no book

As some of you might have guessed, i'm rather excited about dux britanniarum, even if it's taking for ever to arrive. To illustrate my lists, i took pictures for the Vikings and the English lists i proposed on an earlier post.

Here's the Viking one; two elite units, three warrior units, some archers and the leaders.

It's the same size as an early Saxon army, and will probably play pretty much the same.

Next the late medieval English list. It could be used for late 100 years wars, and with different figures could be earlier (Crecy period). There are two units of elite men at arms and some billmen (not 1 elite and 1 warrior unit, as before) and 3 units of warriors with bows.          

The combat part of the force, and the leaders and banner holding champion. As for fate cards, i have ideas but will post nothing until i know the rules.

'Go get 'em boys!!'

The archers, three units of the devils :p

No French yet as the cavalry's not painted.

Following chatter on the Lead Adventure Forum and comments i will change some of my lists (thanks to all for the comments!), and one day i might get to play a game! Note this is nothing to do with the lards, who were excellent following PDF problems, it's just the damned post service!!!

Also, i have seen Fireforge games will be releasing some foot soldiers soon. They look rather nice, and perhaps i will buy a box or two and make them into figures for my fantasy world (i avoid from saying Runissia because that's only one nation, there's the Kaliads, Kindarrians, and others). The foot will work for most infantry, with Perry heads for Runissians and Kindarrians (with added coifs) and the kettle hats for Kaliad clansmen with spears. The shields will work will only a little trimming, and i have spare weapons and wire to replace some of the Warhammer like weapons they carry.
The only problem is cavalry, as they all wear surcoats while i want chain mail and sculpt breastplates and shoulder plates over them. Conquest maybe? We will see, it's still just an idea (i still have a box of perrys and half a box of knights, plus lots to paint)!

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