mercredi 4 septembre 2013

Last post from here

Last day at home, and last post from here too as tomorrow i'm moving out to Bordeaux. I'll have a nice little room all to myself, internet and about a 4x4 foot square to play some games on the floor. There's a club there too so i'll be frequenting that often.
The only thing is that i don't have a camera, so unless i use a club mate's photos i will not be posting any, so i'll use this time to explain more about Runissia and it's enemies.

So today, last photos from my house, the Kindarrian commander:

Freehand again on the horse covering, i like how he turned out.

Here he is with the beginnings of his household warriors, i'll probably add three or four more to make 2 bases for Dux Bellorum.

I also remembered this Kaliad i had forgotten to show earlier. He will be a noble, perhaps commander even, and he will be wearing a black and white surcoat.

I added a plume, like an ancient Roman or Greek one, extended the back of the surcoat, and changed a pair of English arms from the command sprue. I hacked off the pauldrons (shoulder plates) and covered them in sleeves.

So by the time i post next i will be in Bordeaux!

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  1. Hope the move goes OK.

    Commander looks good, hope to see updates from the new locale soon.

  2. That commander will look very nice leading his troops to battle. Hope all goes well and hope you can get a digital camera soon, I will miss your pictures until you do!

  3. Those look great.

    Good luck in Bordeaux -- glad to hear there's a club there for you to frequent!

  4. That is some great looking knights.

  5. Good luck on your move, and may your photo absence be temporary.

  6. Very impressive, great looking bienvenue en France!

  7. Good luck and best wishes for your studies!

    Nice work on the figures too!

  8. I always love what you do to your miniatures, and the way you paint them. Really good. Still not keen on the plume on the Lord's head, but not my model lol.

    Oh... I'm not happy that you won't be able to really take any pictures. I really enjoyed seeing them. I hope your move goes smoothly, and maybe at some point you can invest in a camera?

  9. Welcome in Bordeaux, Max...,

    the club "les Lanciers de la Garonne" will be your new
    club, i hope...!!!
    see you netx week end...


  10. A great post to finish but hopefully you will be back in the near future.


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