dimanche 18 mars 2012

The mighty Runissian knight!

Just a quick post of a Perry knight after a game this afternoon (a little escalade). The game was set in my fantasy world where a band of Border Landers attacked a lightly defended Runissian castle. It was a close fight but in the end the gate was breached and the Border Lander Noble managed to get on the walls and cut down the archers and billmen sent against him. This man here, a brave man-at-arms, was the last defender of the eastern wall and managed to fight off three Border Lander Hearthguard, killing one of them and still going strong at the game's end. As a reward for his bravery, i awarded him a post of his own; sterling stuff!
I'll get some pics uploaded sometime if i get the chance, but until then, watch this space!

Many great ballads will be wrote about this honorable and self sacrificing man!

More figures and a castle!

I have wanted some Perry's for quite a while now (indeed, before my Saxons i was thinking of buying some). Since i have 128 dark age troops, and i only really play skirmishes, i didn't need any more more the moment (until i make an Irish band, but that's for later...) so i again looked at the Perry figs. To my pleasure my 'local' shop supplied them and having worked while away i had enough cash to buy a couple of boxes, meaning 80 lovely figs coming my way. Perfect!

Got them on Thursday and began instantly as i got home, sticking 3 together in quick succession before the dark halted my progress :( However work continued over the weekend and now i have 26 of the chaps up and assembled, some pictures included below.

These models really live up to the Perry reputation, and they scale perfectly with a LOTR figures! The wargames factory chaps are slightly bigger, but on the table they're fine.

As you expect, detail is crisp, unlike on some WF bodies were the folds are a bit shallow. I love the brigandines, and the fully harnessed men at arms are wonderful (love the armet, even with the injection point).

I decided to do these as men under Henry Stafford after i read a bit about him. I had the idea to have the armoured man on the left above as a minor noble who chose Henry as his 'good lord' and wears the Staffordshire knot and sends his men to fight for him. Perhaps i'll call him 'Sir Walker of Hanbury'!

The madness doesn't end there! While in the south east i read a little book on the Cathars, the heritics in the XIII century, and i was captivated by the castles and keeps high in the mountains. I decided to make one, and for once i did! Here are some shots of my work, not finished and to be added to!

I think the rest of the family believe i'm going mad and that i'm becoming obsessed with cardboard. 

The gate is from GW, a present from my brother years ago. I made the rest of the fortress to it's size which works perfectly for my figures. The walls are about 5" high and the towers 8".

To create a rough surface i'm going to paper maché (?) it all, which will also cover up the gaps left my my mediocre building skills.

I need to build more walls to make a full curtain wall, and i want to attempt a huge round tower like those on the Cathar castles, but unless i can make a decent cylinder from hard card a hexagonal one will have to do.

I also did some siege works and mantlets, can't have the defender having all the fun! A siege tower is in the works, and perhaps a trebuchet...

mardi 6 mars 2012

I'm back!

After a two week holiday in the mountains to the south east i'm back, eager to get back into some gaming! Coming back, i saw my Saxon hall that started still needs thatch and all those men i base coated before i left are just begging to be painted up. I've got some plans to improve my painting a bit with some highlights and i'm planning on a new purchase with some cash i got while away...