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Runissia in pictures

While i have the computer to myself i shall post up some drawings of ideas for my fantasy world, Runissia (and other nations).
Note i'm not a great artist, and proportions may be odd.
Click on images to get a much bigger image.

I'm searching for a medieval/dark age feel, no knights in shining armour. There is plate armour, but it is limited to breastplates, greaves and hand protection, and is expensive so only wore by nobles or those who have salvaged some from plunder.
Here, the left hand armoured man is a Kindarrian jorfar, a noble in Kindarrian terms (it's not our world, so i use different terms, even going as far as calling the Runissian king the taludarn, coming from talud, the Runissian word for mountain). He wears a breastplate, leg and hand plates, and fashionable shoulder guards popular amongst the elite in Kindarr. His helmet is a variation of the basinet, being fully enclosed. The left hand man is a Runissian or Kindarrian foot soldier wearing a chain mail hauberk under a padded jacket, as well as leg plates and a basinet, the most popular helmet.

Basinet variants. The coif, a chain mail hood worn from the helmet, are very popular, and many basinets are completely enclosed, the newest versions having movable visors. At the bottom is a Runissian soldier on the left and a jerud, a Runissian noble with halberd and a mantle. These are long surcoat like cloths, some open at the front and worn in court and in battle. He carries a halberd as pole arms are very popular.

Kindarrian troops. At the bottom, a jorfar leaves his lady to go to war. Padded and studded leather vests are often worn over the mail shirt to protect against picks and spears. He carries a basinet with attached coif.

Left; a jorfar in long hauberk, breatplate and small shoulder guards. He carries a tear drop shield and wears an enclosed basinet. His chain stockings are older versions and are falling from favour against plate protection.
Middle; a foot soldier with spear and studded vest. he also wears padded protection on his legs, as well as knee caps and high boots, popular in Runissia and the lower ranks or Kindarrian society.
Right; jorfar or professional soldier in long sleeved hauberk, plated gloves and a basinet with coif. He carries a hooked spear. This could also be a Runissian.

A draft with Kindarrian basinet types and a jorfar.

Kaliads who live south of Runissia. To the bottom left is a selection of pole arms.

Left; Kaliad soldier with studded vest, high boots and a kettle helmet. Kaliad is poorer and it's foot troops are poorly equipped compared to Runissia and Kindarr.
Middle; A khorv, or Kaliad noble, in chain mail hauberk and carrying a tear drop shield. For Kaliads, nature is part of their religion (more on this later).
Right; shield or pavise bearer. These men stand in front of Kaliad units and protect the men armed with spears, halberds and pikes. This man carries a sword and wears a padded jacket and basinet with coif.

Enclosed basinets and swords.
As you may have guessed, i like thinking, and something my philosophy teacher said recently has made me think about my fantasy world (i'm in terminal). Basically, man models art and music on religion, and he mentioned weapons and i thought of the sword looking like the Cross in Christianity, so i thought 'hey, that means weapons in Runissia must have religions meanings'. So came the mass of sword pommels above.
In Runissia, the 'Dornavan Order' exalts light and goodness, so i thought along the lines of sun, gems, etc. In Kaliad, nature is part of their religion, so leaves, drops and plants. These then became numerous hilts and shields (drop shaped). For hilts i stayed simpler, with Runissian and Kaliad designs being smaller while Kindarrians prefer wider hilts.
Hope your head's not hurting.
So there you go, the basic image i'm looking for.

Pour les lecteurs francais, commentez en francais, je vous comprendrai ;) Et si vous comprenez pas quelque chose, disez moi et le traduirai! Je passe tous mes jours depuis 4 ans au ecole alors on apprend!

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  1. It all sounds good to me. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.


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