lundi 28 octobre 2013

Hello hello hello!

After a few weeks of hard labour, i have a week's holiday to rest and recuperate! That means (once homework is done) gaming!!! I'm back a my parents for the week so i might even be able to take some pictures...
Anyway, what have i been up to in the wargaming world? Mostly painting and modelling for my Normedra world. I'm rather enjoying working with 15mm figures, they're easy to convert and quick to do and look really cool too. Should i start a new project in the future, i'd probably do it in this scale (not that i'm starting one soon!).
I haven't painted or modeled much in 28mm lately, painting them seems to take a lot longer than 15mm figures. Looking through my pictures on my computer and War of the Roses figures here at my parents i think i shall get back to them soon. I have a box of fireforge cavalry that i waited for an age to arrive and still haven't broke into them yet! So soon i'll be getting some Kaliads and Kindarrians on the painting table soon.

Until then, i found these pictures on my computer that i never blogged. They're of a Dux Bellorum battle with my WotR figs i played months ago. I won't comment much but just so you have some pictures to look at :-P

Team 1. They were slightly smaller as no battle is even!

Team 2, the attackers

Fire away!

Long range archery duel begins

Taking losses

Some cavalry nipping the flanks

Getting stuck in!

I was actually considering new Dux Bel lists for this period the other day after this interesting discussion that i might stick up here some time.

mardi 1 octobre 2013

Normedra blog launched!

Here it is, the beginnings of the Normedra blog:

In the next few days hoping to get some posts about the 'fluff' up so i can flesh out the setting, without forgetting to keep updating here from time to time.
Now i can get back to Runissians and Kaliads here!

Normedra intro

Right, done it! Took me some time and a couple of re-writes but now it's here, a little into to this Normedra that i keep talking about to get the ball rolling.
I will be starting another blog soon, keeping this one for medieval/Runissia and general stuff, while Normedra gets it's own space. Anyway...

Normedra was a ripe fruit ready for picking. During Man’s leap into the stars they discovered many planets, one of them being Normedra A cold planet but rich in minerals and other raw materials, it was quickly set upon by many who saw possibilities in the planet’s riches. Terraforming gases were pumped into the atmosphere, bringing up the temperatures and animals and plants were set down to turn Normedra into a new Earth. Within a few years there were hundreds of colonies all over Normedra and raw and finished goods were being exported far and wide.
The dream could not last forever. Slightly over a hundred years after the first colonists landed on the surface, the terraforming backfired. Pack ice that had once covered much of the planet suddenly melted, provoking massive floods that covered many lowland regions and caused mass panic and flight to highland areas. The climate also changed, snapping back to being cold and hostile, and in the fear and panic, the companies that financed and kept Normedra alive pulled out and caused the economy to collapse.
As soon as the colonists had arrived, their grandchildren fled as best they could, often off planet until a terrorist attack destroyed the main space port. Some still fled on the sporadic freighters that arrived but as time went on the ships took longer and longer to return, until they never came back and left the rest to face Normedra’s vengeance.

What followed the ‘Great Flood’ is a sort of ‘dark age’, many factories and other infrastructures that had allowed the Normedrans to live comfortably fell into disuse and the land splintered into microstates, bickering to survive as the weather plummeted, killing many.
Thankfully, after four years the weather began to improve, and the survivors can now look to rebuild what had been lost. Factories and mines can be reopened, farm land cultivated and towns rebuilt. In the areas deserted during the mass exodus there lies a mass of hidden treasures that nature has claimed back; blocked mine shafts, machines buried in caves or hidden under masses of undergrowth, functioning power stations or plasma cores waiting to be tapped into, or even underground factories that survived unscathed by rain and snow.

The Vikula Continent

The Vikula Continent is a large landmass in the northern hemisphere of Normedra. A mountain range runs down the centre of the island, north to south and the surrounding lands are hilly and wooded. Away from the hills the land is flatter, with plains and rolling hills dominating the rest of the continent. There were many mining stations, towns and ports before the Great Flood, but many were abandoned and are now lost in forest or buried under rubble and snow.
The climate is tundra, below 0 in the winter and no warmer than 30 C in the summer, with an average temperature of -3 in the winter and 20 in summer. In the south it is slightly warmer, but not by much.

The Brovdo Plain

Once covered in settlements, roads and rail lines, the Brovdo Plain is now empty of much human life. Other than small settlements that live off the land, perhaps using old machinery they had managed to salvage, much of the Plain has been claimed back by nature and is covered in vast forests and rolling hills. Only one city still remains, Brovtir, once a massive industry city where ore was sent from the mines to be refined, made into bars and sent south to the southern ports for export. It is still an industrialised city now, but far smaller and surrounded with slums and ruins.
During the Great Flood, millions fled the Plain, going south to find a boat going south to escape the weather. Many did not make it as blizzards caused havoc on roads and railways and in the chaos some took advantage of the situation to loot anything of worth to survive.

Brovdo’s treasure

Despite nature’s corrosion and looting over the years after the Great Flood, there is still a mass of valuable finds to be found in the Plain. Abandoned factories or shopping centres, old mines or oil fields, lines of trucks waiting to take their goods south with their trailers still full, given time anyone could find something.
Because of this, many gravitate towards the Plain; the young, the old, the poor, the desperate, the glory hunters, people looking for a new start or wanting more than life dealt them, all are drawn to the promises of money and a reputation.

Bands in the Plains

It is a foolish person who goes into the Plain alone, and many gather in bands and go searching for these treasures. Together they will purchase some vehicles to travel around in and to carry finds, weapons to protect themselves and their loot or alternately steal the loot of others or raid their factories and settlements they have set up or hold sway over. Such bands can number from a dozen men to a hundred, depending on the leader’s reputation and success, as well as means to keep his men supplied with food, fuel and ammunition. Most however are between 20 and 40.

Vehicles are extremely precious in the Plain; a band with no transport is stranded, and in the vast distances of the Plain going on foot might not be the best option, or not even an option all together. It is not unknown for bands to disappear in the Plain after losing their transport through lack of fuel or being crippled by rivals. Many vehicles are trucks or jeeps, perhaps lightly armoured with a machine gun or two for protection, whereas some bands acquire APCs, halftracks, scout cars, or even tanks. Such vehicles might be salvaged from some ruins, captured and repaired after a successful raid, bought from a mechanic at Brovtir or another settlement or might even be scratch built by the band if they have the machines and expertise. As such, vehicles in the Plain can take on many shapes and appearances.