dimanche 9 septembre 2012

How they should look

I've been musing over a Runissian and Kaliad project lately, as you may know. I plan to use fireforge conversions and some other figures for mail and padded armoured cavalry, yet to be decided. I did, however, fancy doing something different, mostly on the basing front...
So far, all my figures are on 20mm bases, so i can switch between skirmish and battle rules, but for my Runissians, i am thinking about doing them on multi bases. I really want to try these out, as i think you can really get the packed ranks feel that you don't get when all figures are on their own bases. I will mostly be playing with either dux britanniarum or Impetus, so my bases will be of 6 figures.

Here is my plan:

But wait, there is more! Instead of sticking them all on the same base, each man will be on a small tab, only slightly bigger than his own bases (fireforge foot have large tabs on their feet so might not need small bases adding). These men will then be moved thanks to a sabot bases, with each hole cut to hold a specific figures.

Sound complicated? Basically, a sabot base but each man has a smaller base allowing men to be removed by close enough to look like a unit. These two bases of Saxons will be tests, and will also serve as warriors in dux britanniarum. The base size is not fully decided yet, but will be around 60mm by 40mm. 80mm wide seems too big, and i thought 3 men on 40mm square bases but i want packed ranks.

Maybe it'll look good, or not, we will see. But first the Perry medievals.

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