mercredi 19 septembre 2012

Runissia, now with cities!

Олег пищалев, Tim, Paul and Ray, welcome to my mead hall (or castle hall, depends on era i'm currently in)!

I was going to post the mercenaries i had finished, all based and nice, but time seemed to disappear and i took no photos. They'll be a weekend update.
This map is of course Runissia, and the other day i decided to add some cities to it. At first it might seem like not many, but Runissia is quite a hostile place to live in, and most of the population live in small villages scattered around the nation. There are also smaller towns but i'm not going to plot every one!
I circled them in red because a small black dot is hard to see on a black and white drawing filled with writing. Get the full size image up to read the names.
I decided that in Runissia the population is roughly 2 million, which is total guesswork and is similar to some medieval countries if i recall properly. About 10-15% live in the towns, which again is a rough figure.
I have seen some blogs for imagi-nations in the 18th century and they inspired me to get more done with my fantasy world, if only fireforge released their sergeants quicker! I am currently meditating on the figures to use for Runissians and Kaliads. The Kaliads are rather easy, being fireforge sergeants bodies with parts from Perry sets, while the Runissians are harder because i want a far number of men in chain mail. Wargames factory Saxons/Vikings maybe? I'm scouring the web; forums and magazines for any possible candidates; i've got plenty of time, it's a very long term project!

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