lundi 13 janvier 2014

Fallout Chain of Command anyone?

After being used as a target in a few games of Magic (the  card game) i decided to think about wargames instead.
I've been rather interested in post-apocalyptic settings at the moment, a bit dark i know! But i really like quite dark and gothic sci-fi, such as the Inquisitor part of the 40K universe. As such i created Normedra to allow some creation in this genre, and also i've been playing on Fallout 3 recently too.

For my Normedra setting, i'm using the Chain of Command rules and, having a mad imagination that considers everything that goes through it, i thought of possibly using these rules for a Fallout out setting, or smaller scale actions with other figures (WWII included).

The idea is to basically lower the size from a platoon game to use it with a few less figures (a dozen at least perhaps). This will allow me to use my Normedra figures without having to paint up another platoon, and maybe create a few Fallout characters in 15mm.
I also thought of adding a wound system to CoC, based on skimming through the Stargrunt II rulebook. This could be added to a normal CoC game however.

So, here are some ideas and notes i have for the moment:

-Forces are organised into squads and teams as normal, just less squads or each one with less men.

-Perhaps a leader to spend 2 command points to activate a team or squad twice (or could be a force special rule).

-Specialized military weapons (machetes, axes, swords...): +1 d6 in assaults per man armed.

Wounded men:
When a man is taken out of action by a kill result on the effects table, he might be only wounded. Roll another d6:
-On a 1-3 he is dead and removed as normal.
-On a 4-6 he is wounded and laid down. He may not move or fight.

Wounded men can be carried by 2 fit soldiers. They can also be treated if friends in 2" do not move for a phase and is not activated. Any number of men may be treated in a single phase. Roll another d6:
-On a 1-2 he is gravely wounded and dies. Remove from the table.
-On a 3-5 he is stabilized and although he cannot fight, he will live and must be evacuated.
-On a 6 he is only stunned and may fight as normal from the next phase on.
If a medic is present, +1 to these rolls.

This system is far from perfect, and adds a few more dice rolls to the game, but i thought it might be interesting. In campaigns a force might suffer a moral loss if it leaves wounded friends behind (or no in the case of an unpopular leader!).


In these games each player will lead a band of adventurers, raiders, legionaries... While units would be smaller, the lack of machine guns might make less of an impact on game play. While some missions might be the usual patrols or attack/defend missions, some could be searching and securing supplies and salvage.

Weapons would stay pretty much the same maybe with reduced firepower except at close ranges to conserve ammunition), power armour represented by either adding one level of cover to the target or the possibility of converting a kill to a point of shock on a d6 roll (5+, 4+ depending on type). Again more rolls, i know.