dimanche 16 septembre 2012

Finished houses and WIP mercs

The dux has been lost in the post. After four weeks, i messaged the lards and they have sent me another book, that should arrive in 10 days after their site. Great service from the lards, but not from the post...
Well, at least i got these done.
I painted up the two medieval houses i built, they only need some detail on the doors and shutters, and one needs an interiour but for now it'll be bare. Here, a little scale image with some new pike men.

Close up. These were supposed to be Burgundians, but like a complete numpty I swapped the livery colour. Doh! Now they are German mercenaries who followed Maxamillian to Flanders.

WIP of next batch. Being mercenaries, i went for less uniform colours, but this in fact made it worse as it takes longer to do each man's hose or tunic. More uniform in the future i think. All i need to do on these men are the pike shafts and handguns, some silver details and patching up, not to mention bases.

I do love modelling, and men at arms are my favorite as you can make really good looking armoured men with the Perry plastics. The left hand figure was created using a Mercenary command body and arms, with an armet from the knight bow, and the right hand man is from the English box with arms, axe and armet from the knight's box (you can't really see the axe, but it's pointing up!). Men at arms are also easier to paint ;)

After the batch above i have two mounted sergeants/coustillier/whatever to paint up. Best get cracking before my book arrives!

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