samedi 29 septembre 2012

Dux meets 15th century

First of all, greetings to my new followers. Sorry for the delay in posting, real life gets in the way at times! Anyway...
Dux arrived! Well, it actually arrived last Thursday, but i had no time to blog, so this and tomorrow's post will be extra long!
I have played 2 games using my Vikings and Saxons, but i was really wanting to play with my 15th century collection. So, new cards written and cut, i got out the armies and played. The game was an English raid into France, with no specific year or setting.
The French! One shock cavalry, one elite, 2 archer and 1 warrior unit, as well as 4 hangunners and 4 heroes.

The English! 2 elite and 3 longbow units.

Move it move it! English enter the board.

The first French defenders are a band of crossbow archers. They fire away and hope friends are not far behind.

Bon Dieu! The French arrive turn 2, led by knights and warriors.

The English commander looting a building. I used the church raid scenario, using a merchant's house for the church. The Lord spend most of the game in there!

French head to the house while English archers line up and pour on the fire.

French cavalry charge forward bravely, but roll 1 inch less and the charge misses! Next turn the English give them a volley, killing one.

Argh! Almost...
Hmm, wierd stretched picture. :/

Knights get stuck in and men at arms rush to the rescue.

Then, the batteries die :(
Admittedly i forgot one or two rules, mainly one concerning shock cavalry, probably why the archers weren't crushed on the first charge.
I decided not to write a review on the rules as there are loads on the web already. I will say that they are nice, fluid rules that work well for for the 15th century. I have images of another raid i fought, which will be posted tomorrow as well as the cards. I have English and French, and Burgundy are in the works, almost a mix of the two with some other features thrown in.
I have also modified the armies. The English now have 4 longbow archer units, and the French are 1 elite shock, 1 warrior shock, 1 warrior missiles and either 2 warrior or 3 levy groups (thanks to Arlequin over at Lead Adventure).
So, until tomorrow!

2 commentaires:

  1. Nice looking game, keep up the great work!

  2. Very interesting, will be stunning when you get all minis and terrain painted up.

    Please tell alittle more about any rules changes?

    The Longbow/Archers did you filed them as Warriors or Levy ? I supouse you run the handgunners as Missile troops or Skirmishers?

    Have had thoughts to try to run some Dux Britt. games in the 15th century using my Kalmar Union war minis.

    Best regards Michael


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