samedi 29 novembre 2014

Charging back into the action

The last time we saw these guys was in a post, long ago, the 'last post from here' which turned out to be the last time that a painted medieval-esque figure graced this blog for a long time. Since then, the Runissians, Kaliads and Kindrarrians have quietly sat in a box, moved flat twice and never used in action.

Oh it feels good to paint 28mm figures again!

Instead of blabbering about how long it's been since i posted, here is a picture of a Runissian noble i made a while ago and never painted until today.

I was afraid after over a year of not painted 28mm figures i would be a bit rusty, but he turned out OK. Took a while, but that's 28mm for you! I sure do like the modelling and detail on the bigger figures.

Here's an OK-ish  picture of him with some infantry i did at the same time.

Yeah; the chap on the left has a black feather on his helmet, can't decide what colour to do it yet!

So hello again bloggers! I've had a lot of false starts recently, and i hope this won't be another one. I've been out of motivation to do anything with my figures, but i had a tiring week so i had a quiet evening painting and i rediscovered the pleasure in sitting down with the paints and plastic.