jeudi 26 juin 2014


Far, far too long.
Damn, it's been an age since i have wanted to do anything wargames or blog related! My last post was in march, and since then i have done practically nothing with my figures. They just sat in a corner, gathering dust. Between playing other games and trying to pass my first year at uni, i haven't been able to summon up the motivation to do anything.

Alain approves

Until today at least! Uni's over, holidays have begun, so i cracked out the figures and paints and got to work.

I've done more in a couple of hours than i have in the last few months!
These are for Normedra, my 'Fallout on ice' setting. It felt good to push some miliput around.

Just a little post today, but hopefully the first of many! Stay tuned.

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