dimanche 16 décembre 2012

Would you like to live here?

Felt inspired and started a new building.

It might not be 100% historically correct, but i saw it in a game and wanted to make it. It would work for Runissia perfectly.

It will be timber framed, like my other medieval buildings.
I also made some conversions; two Runissians, using ideas posted yesterday, and two others. The two men with shields are Runissians. The man holding the flag (which is from the trumpet) will perhaps join the Hanbury retinue, or a new retinue. The man at arms might go with the flag bearer. He wears a gauntlet on his left hand, taken from the mounted men at arms box.

I will perhaps be buying some new figures soon, some for Runissia, but also some English for another retinue. I want to try out Jim's Lord of Battles campaign with plenty of longbows and mercs!

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