samedi 15 décembre 2012

Ideas, ideas

Ah, some sun at last! I took advantage of the weather to get out the paints and continue my crossbowmen. They're still not finished, but slowly does it. The cloths are all done, just leather (it's a bigger part than you might think!), weapons and other bits, bolt quivers, crannequins, etc.
I've also been wondering on he subject of figures for my fantasy world. I've really wanted to make some of these, but i didn't want to start making some, then lose intrest and have half a dozen useless figures lying around. Years of daubling with periods and having a smatering of figures for each force has taught me to focus a bit.
But, after drawing and writing so much, i just want to try and make some in plastic. I thought about making only some command figures, and proxy the other men so i can play games, but i would really like to have a full army of Runissians one day.
I have already made some Runissians and Kaliads, such as this one here:

You might notice he has no thumb! By the time i had done all the chain mail, doing one thumb was just too much.

Needless to say, it took an age to poke the chain mail, and it would be a shame if all this work went to waste.

No shield so you can see the left arm.
As not to loose steam, i decided to note down some ideas, using the Perry bodies so i can actually make them afterwards. I plan to buy a box of Perrys and use them just for conversions to see what i come up with. Christmas is coming up so...
Anyway, on to the plans. I have included a small image of each body for those not familiar with these figures.
The first idea i had after painting the crossbow men; a brasir (freeman) levy carrying a spear on his shoulder. The arms are pike arms, and i shall glue a shield onto the left arm, a wargames factory round one.

This one is basically a Saxon or Viking with a breastplate. I thought it might look cool.

At first, there were no faulds (the groin armour) in Runissia, but i guess there is now!

This one will be a commander or unit leader. I think he will be menacing with a full face helm, as long as i don't mess it up.

An easy one, i just want to try and make him aim his polearm down, rather than 45 degrees like the Perry arms.
Bashing with shield, a sutibly dynamic pose if it works. If not, i shall have him lunging with a spear or halberd.

No really a conversion, but an idea for the body. Might make a long padded tunic for him, as to change him a little.

I also found something nice in my bits box. The wargames factory kite shields are too small for early medieval, but perfect for tear drop Kaliad shields! Just round off the bottom, and Bob's your uncle!

Maybe a WIP Runissia sometime soon?

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  1. Nice kitbashing. WGF and Perry pieces is deliciously compatible! I too have make some pieces like this on my blog.


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