lundi 31 décembre 2012

Bring on 2013!

I was going to post on the pictures of the first retainers for the Mastons, in their fancy black and green, but i was drafted in to help clear bamboo and by the time we called it a day it was too dark to take photos. So they'll have to wait for next year :)
I have also decided on the forces for the Mastons and the Walkers:
Richard, banner, squire and 3 or 4 mounted retainers.
Sergeant and 11 archers
Sergeant and 9 billmen

Nicolas, banner 1 or 2 squires and 2 men at arms
Sergeant and 11 archers
Sergeant and 11 billmen

Of course, billmen include some men at arms, included in the general mass.
I also have a small band under Woode, a local gentleman:
Woode and 5 mounted retainers.
Sergeant and 5 archers (or remove and add 3 mounted men)

Work has begun on the militia, well, a base coat. These will be started shortly, but so does my schoolwork :(
2012 was pretty good for me, seeing my collection start with my Vikings and Saxons, and expanding to a horde of Perrys and buildings! I won't be buying more for some time, except maybe some peasants, animals and wagons. Or a gun...

Next time, there will be pictures!

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