dimanche 2 décembre 2012

To arms! To arms!

Quick post while the internet's free of use.
I have been planning to expand my forces to use with Jim's Dux Burgundium lists, as i wanted to give more troops a go. All i need it to assemble and paint them.
First up, some French crossbowmen WIP. Still lots to do, but so far so good. I've changed my skin painting method, using drybrushed layers, much easier than washing with brown.

These were to be a band of franc archers, but seeing as the French need more missile troops, these are now Lowland militia. These will come from a small, imagined town that shall be the centre of a future campaign.
To make them look different, i've decided to go for white jackets instead of the usual blue and white with red cross. I did this as my Germans are already in blue and white, and i wanted them to look similar but not the same. These men are going to be from the weaver's guild of the town, and i guess the commander fancied having white jackets (maybe he had lots in stock?) and with the weaver's badge, a red diamond.

Readers might recognise these chaps from earlier. They will now join the ranks of the Lowlands. The swordsman might get a buckler, or an Italian style shield.

The commander of the weavers. I wanted a poorer look to my militia, so little armour, even for leaders. The leader (on the right) was going to recieve a kettle hat but i thought he deserved a better sallet. The banner bearer has more armour, being a veteran perhaps.
I don't know if men used pavises as shields at this date. i've seen Perry metals for Agincourt carrying them, so i thought why not. I like the pose anyway.

The milita men, armed with spear and bill to fight the French invaders. I'm going to make some more pike men some time, boosting the militia to 3 or 4 Groups (18-24 men). Since the militia are the largest part of the list, i need plenty!

Some missile armed militia, who shall serve as harassing troops. I need one mreo man of course, or i could make three more and use them as missile troops if the German handgunners take their place. The militia archers will have a mix of weapons, reflecting their ad hoc nature.

Here's the banner i drew up for them using paint. The triangle, although maybe not historical, will be a change from squares. hey, they're militia, not regulars so any thing goes, right?

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  1. I love that banner bearer. Seems everyone has been doing some cutting and replacing this week.

  2. Also I have now nominated you for a Liebster award.

  3. erm... me too, so just cover both nominations with one post and don't let it go to your head. ;-)


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