lundi 24 décembre 2012


After getting another 102 figures through the post, I thought it was time to sort out the forces i've already got for the 15th century. It was also an opportunity to see all my figures out the box at the same time.
So, here there are on parade...

First off, my first Wars of the Roses figures i painted up, for use under Henry Stafford. I have begun plans on a small campaign, so i might change the name and banner to get a lesser noble/gentleman of the area.

The second retinue i painted, this time for Warwick. As above, they will become different people in my own little world.

Er, four men in blue and white. I was going to do more, but not sure on the colours. These might fight with the Germans, or serve as a tiny retinue for a squire.

The force of Hanbury. However, they might get a name change, as i'm making a new retinue for the Walkers; Barton perhaps?

The French. You can see the crossbowmen are done! Just bases to finish with some flock. I was going to create a bigger force, but after i decided to concentrate on the Wars of the Roses, these will be used as mercenaries, or possibly another low level noble, if i add some archers.

Ah, the Germans! Vicious devils.

The Danes, now with a leader. He had been knocking around a bit, and thought he was ideal for leading them. I have a couple of soldiers to paint up, as well as a handgunner.

Close up of the free hand on the pavise, a ship in front of some hills. I was going to do a city nearby but it looked terrible. I did a ship, as these are ex sailors who have stayed in England to fight for the highest bidder.

A bunch of men in lots of armour, but with no apparent loyalties. Since they're covered mostly in armour, i have added no retinue colours, so these could go anywhere. I have since added the war hammer armed chap to the Walker retinue.

No more Lowlander, but now the militia of Burton-upon-Trent. Same figures, came colours (eventually) but different name. I might add a couple of archers though, later on.

Unpainted part 1. Seeing the number of unpainted plastic in my boxes, i decided to add them to new retinues; the 3 men in the front row, left, have been added to the Mastons (more below).

Unpainted part 2. The two archers on the left have joined Hanbury (the red and greens above), and the man waving a glaive is a Walker, as has the man at arms with poleaxe on the second row. The man swinging his halberd, and the trumpeter, are now with the Mastons too.

The unpainted cavalry. The right hand man is now the Walker's younger son, Edmund. The rider on the left has a small fur cloak around his shoulders, when i wanted to try a Song of Fire and Ice, so he might look a bit haughty when finished!

Now, as said i have plans to make a couple of new retinues, one for the Walkers, one for the Mastons, both the central figures of my campaign.
I decided, to represent them, i needed a good looking leader. Although all my men are on single bases, i thought i'd take the liberty to do a couple on bigger bases.
So, first up is Richard Maston, along with his standard bearer and squire. I decided to change the horse gear  a bit, inspired by posts on the Lead Adventure Forum and blogs, not sure if it'll look any good when finished. The squire has a separate base, as it was a bit squished on the bosses' base.

And now for the Walkers. Once wool workers (Walker, for the men who walked on the wool along with other stuff to harden it), they have gained enough money to become 'gentlemen', owning land around Hanbury.
I didn't want another man on horse, so Nicolas is on foot. I know most men at arms used poleaxes, but the glaive looks nice. I wanted his left arm more out to the side at first, but now it looks like he's talking to his standard bearer.
The pavise might be removed, it was an after thought on something to add to the base.

I have drawn up a simple campaign map, based on the area i used to live. A few places have been exalted a bit, as Hanbury and Barton aren't big, even today, but if my world they have manors and are places on interest. The campaign is centered around Burton-upon-Trent, and is the ultimate prize for our lords.

And since they were all out, group shot!

Knowing the speed that i paint at, i might finish this project in 2014.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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  1. Very impressive! There's nothing like seeing your force assembled like that.

  2. Some great looking figures! Have a great Christmas and New Year!

  3. A great looking collection - and a good back story. Joyeux Noel!


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