samedi 8 décembre 2012

Double wammy!

Well, that's a nice surprise!
Not one, but two liebster awards!
(I was going to put 2 images on, but thought people might think i'm being greedy :p)
I've seen this award bouncing around, going from one blog to another, but didn't really think i'd get one, never mind two.
When i started this blog, i thought i'd stop it soon, but i discovered it was a good way to share ideas, share them with others, and get inspired in turn by others. It seems as i have inspired some, mainly with my ideas for the Dux Britannarum. I also have found i have been trying harder and harder with my painting in an attempt to get to the standards of some painters i have seen out there. Friendly competitivity i guess.
Here's what Þorsteinn á Heiðini had to say:
'Max is a young Frenchman with an interest in the Middle Ages. He, like Jim, is working on converting the Dux Britanniarum rules to place them into the 15th century. He also puts up reports of his test games with his great Perry conversions and builds. From his posts about his fictional nation Runissia it is clear he has a great imagination that will serve him well in his wargaming.'
Here's what Jim said:
'Max is a keen and enthusiastic gamer and relatively new to the hobby. He's consistently encouraged my stuff with Dux Britanniarum on here, despite doing his own thing with them too (and first).'
Nice words all round, it's nice to think someone in Canada, and another in England (I guess your English Jim).
Apparently i need to choose 5 other blogs to nominate, which is not easy since there are already loads of these awards around, but i've managed to choose 5 from my list of great blogs.
Ah, best post the rules first:
Liebster awards are designed to promote those blogs out there, who people feel should get more exposure than they do. The rules are simple;
  • Post the pic of the award (I chose a different one) and talk about it.
  • Post a link back to the person who gave you the award.
  • Select five blogs of 200 followers or less to nominate for the award and inform them of your decision by commenting on a post.

So, here goes:
A great painter that i first saw on the Lead Adventure Forum with his Song of Ice and Fire figures. Really inspiring stuff, it was the blog behind my own SOIAF ideas.
A Lord of ther Rings blog, with plenty of goblins currently on his painting table. Also made some charming Moria terrain.
Wargaming on a budget, this blog shows all your can do with some 10mm (and now 15mm) figures and some imagination. Great use of bits and bobs others would throw away.
Llama's war of the ring, a Swede who, despite the snow, manages to paint and convert loads of LOTR figures. I first found him while looking at Perry minitatures images on google, and think he deserves more followers.
Another Duxer (new name?) who uses LOTR figures for his Dux Britanniarum games. I went back and read his battle post twice.
Just noticed seems to be a few LOTR blogs, strange coincidence.
And finally, another great thing about blogs; i now know how to spell Britanniarum without looking it up!
Right, painting and/or gaming this after and a battle to blog up, post tonight and tomorrow.

5 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for the nomination!

    I am familliar with most blogs here, except for the HVM workbench - that's a sweet find, especially considering it's in German and it can sometimes be difficult to find non-English bloggers!


  2. Amazing! 5 new blogs I have never seen but look fantastic!

  3. Well done Maximilian, and well deserved.
    A blog is a great mean to give some reality to our own worlds.

  4. I'm familiar with a couple of these - ChrisGoM is awesome

  5. Wow, thank you for the nod, Mr. Walker. Knowing that somebody is getting something useful out of my blog is a real treat.


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