dimanche 9 décembre 2012

2 battles and a teaser...

I've been recently testing my cards for my Runissia/Kaliad setting. As said before, this is sort of a testing field for new ideas.
Both games were raids, with the Runssians attacking. I used the 'extended lists' used by Jim for his Brungundian Succession war setting, adapted for the setting.
Note these are more groups of photos than a proper AAR, as near the end i lost the light and my photos look terrible.
First off, an attack on a village. Here is the Runissian force, moving on the table.
The figures i used was a mix of Perry medievals and Saxons and Vikings. Lords and nobles were in plate armour, although it doesn't exist in this setitng. Some imagination was required.
Here comes the Kaliad vanguard, some warriors, levy, and crossbowmen.

Another shot of the Kaliads. Warriors form the front row, levy the second.

First clash, with the Runissians chargin against the Kaliads, who have closed ranks. The Runissians can too close ranks, but chose not to here, to their cost.

The Kaliad khorv and his cavalry spy some Runissian archers they later charge and kill half of them before being forced back.

The Runissian lord and some warriors watching some Kaliad levies.

In the end, the Runissian lord was defeated after being weakened before, depsite heroric efforts by some Runissian elites to drive back some levies. Shock was desisive, however, and they pulled back and were killed.
Second game, this time to pillage the great hall.

The Runissians again, coming over the hill.

Runissian hunters spy the Kaliad vanguard.

The Kaliad force ranked up for battle.

This one lasted longer, as either side wished to attack. A shoot out evolved, and finally the Runissians advanced in closed ranks. After some hard fighting, the warriors were destoyed and the levy pushed back. Funnily enough, the Runissians only lost 2 (yes, two) archers in the whole game.
Not sure if giving the Runissians the ability to close ranks in raids is a good idea. Seeing as the Kaliads have mostly levies, on a straight up fight the Runissians would win. Some thinking required.
The games also last a lot longer with more men on the table, but commanding is more challenging, just like in reality i guess.
Finally, i've starting thinking about a new varient, this one a bit particulier. All i'll say is it's name; Dux Mirificus (how google translate is right!).
Watch this space!

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