mardi 16 juillet 2013

WIP Champions

Doing a quick 'to do' list shows that i need just over a dozen figures to finish both of my Dux forces for my Runissia setting! Mostly odds and ends; a Group of Levy, 2 nobles and some warriors and elites. I also needed champions for both forces, so set about converting an interesting pair.

Dux players will know that every Lord has a champion and, being a champion, he needs to look the part, so i converted a couple of hard looking fellows to protect their lords.

Still WIP as the camails need doing, but almost there.

The Kaliad champion. I was planning to do him with a visored bascinet but the face looks perfect for a hardened veteran.

The Runissian champion. The arms are from the merc box, and i decided to do some decoration on the helmet, perhaps a gift from his lord for his service?

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  1. Excellent conversion work, look forward to seeing them painted.
    Thanks for sharing,


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