mardi 16 juillet 2013

Norvarje Workbench

I present thee with the fruits of mine labour...
Just more WIPs.

Forums and blogs are great, as i can copy ideas and use them myself. For example, the idea for the noble below came from this banner bearer. I studied the pictures for quite some time, and decided to take the plunge and give it a go.
But not to make it identical, i also swapped the body with a fireforge one, so instead of chain mail sleeves he has a surcoat showing. Here he is, needs a head that i'm still thinking about. He will be wielding a lance over arm, like the Normans.

Here's the other half of him; fireforge body in Perry legs to make my first Runissian rider. Although mostly an infantry force, the Runissians have some cavalry, mostly javelin wielding light cavalry around a core of heavy cavalry. This man could be used in both roles, depending if i say the spear is a lance or javelin.

I lengthened the surcoat to cover damage, and also just to look good! Needs a sword and then on with painting!

This man has appeared before, a Kaliad with sallet and pavise. Well, i didn't like him so tore off the arms, chopped off his jacket and added a mail hauberk and breastplate instead. Lots of work (soooooooo many holes...) but i like him better now.

A couple of to-be Runissians, one built with a fully armoured man with the groin armour cut away and replaced with a mail hauberk under the breastplate. The other, lighter man is simpler, bill arms with padded jacket sculpted over.

One of my crazier conversions, a body swap between the walking breastplate body and a padded jacket body. I had to repair bag straps and make a plakart for the right hand man, but i'm glad they worked. On paper i was really wondering how it would work.

I'm sure as this project goes my builds will get crazier and crazier as i search for new ideas. I relish the challenge!

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  1. Looking good. I like all the different touches you've added and modified. Brill way of making a miniature your own and fit into what you want of it.

    Nice work.

    Table Top Revolution


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