mardi 2 juillet 2013

The battle for Serlac Hill

So the other day i decided to continue my Anglo-Burgundian vs French campaign asi really felt like a Dux Brit battle. It also gave me a chance to test out a couple of new chances i made.
So, Steffan, the Burgundian captain, had some success in 1477, but lost his first major attack on the French lands. now it is 1478 and he prepares for another attack.
The French hear of his intentions and march out to halt him, aiming to take the hill (they chose the side with the hill but ended up on the wrong side of the table).

Militia crossbowmen prepare to cross the stream and dash for the hill.

Meanwhile, Steffan had similar ideas, but he was closer to the hill.

View before the first turn. Alain, the French lord, gave a stirring speech to his men that raised his level by 1. Steffan's speech was not so good and lowered his level by 1, but he had no chance to raise it as the French opened the battle.

Vite! The handgunners dash across the stream and spot some Danish skirmishers as they appear from the clump of trees.

Alain throws his men forward, determined to get to the hill before the Burgundians can form up.

Ils sont la! Archers are spotted on the hill.

The English archers spot the French below and hurry to reach the top of the hill.

Not everyone is happy though in the French camp, as Robin decides not to attack and stays put, thinking an attack on the hill is folly.

There's only one way; up. And up into the blades of the waiting men-at-arms.

Some Burgundian halbardiers appear on the French right, threatening the flank.

Steady men! Steffan watches to French coming for him.

Instead of waiting for the French, Steffan leads the charge into the enemy ranks. Both lords join in the melee.

Battered but not beaten, both sides pull back to regroup. But the French still have more men, and Alain regroups them quicker than Steffan.

Not many left, this'll be a piece of cake...

...there's only some English between us and victory!

Meanwhile, Charles attacks some militia who have not closed ranks. Levy not in formation, easy kills.

Steffan attacks the French again, but comes off for worse.

Although better skilled, the French have more men and fight off the men-at-arms. 

Here come the archers, drawing swords and bucklers to drive off the French.

The next time someone says levy not in formation die easily, i'll show them this;  first round, the Brugundians (soldiers, ie warriors) loose 3 MEN and the levy loose 1! The Burgundians charge again and kill a couple more.

Melee generale on the hill and the archers charge the French in the rear.

Everyone flees. The Men-at-arms loose their amphora, as do some French will the rest are at the limit. Only the archers stay.

The English see off the remaining soldiers and turn their arrows on the crossbow men below.

The militia aimed to kill a couple more men to push the Anglo-Burgundian losses from moderate to heavy, but they only kill one for the loss of four crossbowmen, so they quit the field to fight another day.

A +2 win for Steffan and he besieges a French manor, but the French sill be back in 3 months and the manor will fall in 4, so the French have one last chance to save their first manor from falling...

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