dimanche 21 juillet 2013

The miliputting never ends

Almost there...
Pushing on with the builds, once i've done the starter forces time to break out the paints and get some colour on them.
More Kaliads, some levies and a noble, who was seen on a previous post as a WIP.

The noble. Looking at him now, i didn't round off the breastplate properly which makes him look a bit chunky. Just need to finish the left hand, add camail and voila!

Runissians, i tried a scratch built klappvisor helm on the middle man, using a bare head as the base so i got the eyes in the right place and what not. Needs a camail like the noble and he will be ready.

The fully armoured man took quite some time! He would not be out of place at Agincourt, with the breastplate over a mail hauberk. I also did him with mail sleeves over plate on the lower arms, it's becoming a notable feature on recent builds, which is good! Adds cohesion.

Only 11 to do in total!!!! Nearly there!

4 commentaires:

  1. Looking good Max! Your sculpting skills continue to amaze me.

  2. They are all coming together very nicely. Looking forward to seeing them painted up

  3. These are coming along great. Excited to see the remainder, and then their paint jobs.

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