dimanche 7 juillet 2013

It's not all trees and streams

Another batch of 10 Runissians and Kaliads.
You will notice i have snuck a bit of terrain in, as they're posing before my new barn and pig sty.

The Runissians. The pointing chap is rather 'classic' again, but i changed the hands with the german ones from the Mercenary box to change the look a bit. He also wears along wolf fur surcoat as he will be the leader of a Kwenth war band. Kwenth is the furthest north in Runissia and was an independant kingdom for a while and has some individual features. His armour is blackened and gold lined.

Another view. Odd camera angles because i was having trouble finding a good spot to take a photo without standing in the light.

The Kaliads. The older man closest to the camera here will be the leader of the levies, an older man called out to defend his home.

'If you want our barn, come and get it!'
Also experimented with a white padded jacket, since they're on loads of wall paintings but i haven't got one yet.

And finally...
'Get away from my pigs you northerners!'

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