jeudi 11 juillet 2013

Getting stuck in

Thank the gods my new figures are here! After a six week wait i only had to wait a couple of days for them to arrive from the shop.
While i was waiting for them to arrive though i painted some more men, such as these below:

On to the unpainted stuff!
I almost have a full starter Dux force, i need 12 men for the Runissians and about 10 for the Kaliads. I've done quite a few body swaps recently to get some variation.

Kaliad levy. I like the fireforge figures, the only problem is they have no neck so one needs to be made, not a big hinderance for me as a camil hides them anyway. The middle man has a fireforge kit shield.

More Kaliads. I might change the second from the right as i'm not really happy with him. The one holding a pavise is inspired by stuart's Picard pikes. I plan to doa  few more of these to add to the levy groups.

A Runissian archer with coif and a Big Man who will carry a shield in his left hand.

Three very converted Runissians. Desite the body swaps, i've done a LOT of chain mail on these guys.The left one has a full mail hauberk, then a camail. In the middle is a standard bearer, and the swordsman has mail showing below the waist and will be wearing a coat of plates over it.

And finally, the fireforge cavalry! I've seen some people don't really like the fireforge figures but i don't see what they mean. Sure, the weapons are a bit big, but i won't use them and the conversion potential is huge. They're also useful because the left arm is loose and not sculpted on like the Perry men at arms.

I've made three to represent the Kaliad noble cavalry who fight with javelins and swords. No crouched lances here, instead they will be using lances overarm or thrust forward. The leader is a Perry man at arms with chain mail instead of the fauld, he will be a Runissian leader. I need one more for a Dux Brit Group, and a mounted Big Man to lead them.

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