dimanche 30 juin 2013

Continuing the revolution

I've cracked on with my terrain, soon my table top with be covered with snazzy new pieces.
Firstly, trees! I decided to bite the bullet and have a go at making them myself. They're not hard and helped along my a tutorial over at Mitch's blog i got some tips and had a go.
Masking tap is wonderful, and so far i've made 4. One's painted brown after a coat of glue and sawdust as a test, just need to drybrush it with lighter browns and greys then add leaves (the next hurdle).
They're not that hard, and a lot cheaper than buying them as my trees are rather big (6/7 inches for the smaller ones and the big one is almost 12 inches high).

My prototype stream sections, with the banks painted. Just need to work outhow to paint the water, as i bought some blue paint but realised 'streams aren't blue!'. A quick Google search and memories of Sunday ways back in the UK showed that they were more a muddy brown. So i'm painting one as a test (the back 2 are not painted, it's the light from my computer screen but it backs them look blue, doens't look too bad...)

Coat of brown and a pause until i can decide on the next course of action. Any ideas from the readers?

The barn is now painted and has some thatch too. I'm working slower now, in strips to get it flatter (not like my houses). It takes longer but i've got lots of things on the go so while it dries i paint a tree, the stream...

And finally to end the post, a little pig sty, copied from Mitch. I will do it planking (to avoid more paper mashé) with a thatched roof and wattle fence around it. Should make my village look more like a real village.

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