samedi 25 mai 2013

More conversions!!!

More miliputting!
The latest batch, still drying, loaded the pictures up while having a cup of tea.

Here we have a couple of finished figures, and some new creations. The man swinging a poleaxe was in the last post, now fully finished after working on him all last weekend and this afternoon.

The right hand man has his legs wider apart, simple but makes him look more ready for combat than simply standing around. Other than the legs and miliput, he also has gauntlets taken from the mounted MAA arms.

The new creations. The left hand figure is wearing pretty much a full harness, but the jupon is hiding the torso armour so he could be wearing mail or a breastplate. The two handed sword is effetive, i think.
The right hand figure is wearing a padded jacket under a breastplate and fauld, and added coif.

Some WIPs. Left; padded jacket, nothing amazing but nice to mix up the look a bit.
Middle; some knee caps, will do the arms some time.
Right; leg armour, knee caps and boots for a dismounted soldier. I also extended the jack, hope it blends in properly when i paint it!

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