jeudi 27 juin 2013

Update, but not a lot

Thank goodness, exams are over!!!
Well, they've been over for almost a week now, but i haven't blogged until then. During the week of exams i did nothing linked to wargaming, which is normal (must get priorities right after all) but now they're over and i can concentrate on some hobby stuff (as well as signing up for uni, finding an apartment and all the other not-fun stuff).

I have some battle pics to unload onto a post soon, and in the meantime i have updated the Dux Britanniarum in the 15th century page. I realiased people were actually looking at it and i could imagine their disapointmen when they got onto the page as it was rather poor, so now i have grouped my changes together and added a couple of new ones.

Painting continues too but my figure still have not arrived. The shop doesn't even have them yet, bloody post! So in the mean time i'm finishing off the Runissians and Kaliads and continuing my 15th century figures, such as Ormond's archers.
Speaking of Ormond, you may have noticed my Mortimer's Cross project has slowed and to be honest i'm not really bothered. While doing my Runissians i realised that it was funner just to invent retinues and use my imagination. Although i might add some historical retinues to my collection they will not be doing any battle.

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  1. Hope you did well in the exams. Just looked at the Dux Britanniarum in the 15th century page. Good work.

  2. Well done on finishing the exams and I wish you all the best for them!

    Going historical or unhistorical is always a hard call... but choosing what you want to do, rather than what you feel you should, is always the best call in the long run.

  3. Glad you're done with exams -- hope you did well!

  4. Here´s wishing you favourable exam results.
    Historical or not historical...both have Advantages and disadvantages,. Historical can be bad becuase there is always some info you never found but the Research is fun and you learn a lot. Non, but it´s good when it has some Basis in history which then laeds you back to doing historical stuff. :-D


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