samedi 29 juin 2013

Terrain revolution

I don't usually get English wargames magazines, being on the wrong side of the Channel, so when i do get them they are well read. I usually prefer the smaller magazines as i find Wargames Illustrated is a bit like White Dwarf; lots on one subject and if you arn't interested in that period, there's nothing in it for you. Seeing ass i'm a medieval man, my period does not get covered as often, at least not when i'm in the UK to pick up a copy!

Where am i going with this? Well, i recently got the latest Miniature Wagames magazine, and inside was an article about how wargamers think; buying shiny new figures but not thinking much about their actual tables and instead being more interested in the detail on figures. Although i don't agree with all he said, when i finished the article i instantly thought 'i need some better terrain'. I made a little mental list; the stream, trees, a  road, bases for the trees (not just bits of brown fabric), fences and some buildings to make my table actually look real. Seeing as i only do medieval esque things, i'm lucky as i can make terrain only for the period.

'Not my words, the words of Miniature Wargames Magazine!'

So, work began in earnest, first off with a barn (i've been meaning to make one for ages) and some tests for my stream sections. I've made bases for enough straight sections to go all the way across my table, then i need some bends.

The barn, with a figure to scale. It looks huge, but it has to be and looking at other people's barns on blogs/forums it's the right size next to my other houses.

Last night i managed to continue on the stream sections, make some test walls (for a walled garden) and 40 inches of wattle fences. Now just need to texture them and paint it all before my figures arrive.

All i need now are some trees, pine trees as i'm aiming for a table to represent the Kaliad Shore where my Kaliads and Runissians will be battling.

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  1. Good terrain, is what elevates your game to the next level. Best of luck with your endeavors.

  2. Nice barn. I too am going through the "need more terrain" crisis. Somehow my wife does not agree that it is a crisis. Hmmm....

  3. Just a late little congrats to finishing the exams. Will there be more next year, though?

    And nice barn, also :)


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