vendredi 14 juin 2013

Joyfully battling on

Good progress! I have now painted 26 figures for my fantasy world, 13 for each side.
Seeing as the Kaliads are the favoured at the moment, let's start with them.

The leader with a couple of elites and a pennon. In this world, when an enemy is defeated the victor may take any captured banners and rip a strip from it to hang below his own. So the strip below the pennon is from one such victories.

Close up of the converted leader (click for a much bigger image). Yes, blue is the Runissian's coloour, but the image that i used as inspiration looked SOOO good with a blue surcoat so i left it the same. It is supposed to be covered in lines of embroidered ivy.

Kaliad warriors. The one nearest to the camera wears a smooth breastplate, based on a figure from the Perry Agincourt range.

Painted but unbased, dismounted crossbowmen and levies. The two spear wielding levies have leg swaps, the other two are WIPs.

Now for the Runissians.

Almost forgot about the archer (with miliput hood).

Lesser noble and a couple of heavies.

The warriors. Still waiting for my figures to arrive so i've got some new shields and some cavalry.

Another raven. Basic, but looks good.

Again, unbased, this time with the leader for the Runissian band. The white on the rondels are supposed to be eagles/ravens but painting freehand on a thing that is about 8mm long is hard! So it's a bit blobby.
The bill man is another legswap, could be straight from the wars of the roses as. A change of legs and re-positioning of arms makes him look ready to unhook a horseman from his perch, or looking over the front rank.

On the workbench, some convertions that will be posted up soon.

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