dimanche 9 juin 2013

First of many? (famous last words)

I did say yesterday, but better late than never so here they are.

Painted, based and ready to kick each others asses, here are 4 Kaliads and 6 Runissians for my alternate medieval world Norvarje.

Readers might recognise a couple of these men, the two with shields that i built almost a year ago. They were painted but never based so i thought i'd treat them and also gave the spearman a new round shield. I decided to use blue as the common colour for this band, to keep them together and make it look like a proper force, not a random mob of colour.

The raven will also feature on the lord's (or jerud i should say) banner. Although i'm not having badges as such, some patterns that look like birds might look good on shields and the like.

The Kaliads. Again, the ones with shields are older builds, the left hand one had been sitting unpainted until the other day.

The Runissians have blue and, as Kaliads love nature, they will have green and the khorv's ( a Kaliad noble) symbol will be a clutch of flowers of some sort (based on a bunch of elderflowers).

Painted but unbased, three Kaliads and (on the left) a Runissian. The boots turned out better than the first ones i tried, and i really like the metal as it actually looks like metal.

Note to self, trim pictures next time!

I might do more men later, in between revision, i also hope my new plastic will arrive soon so i can use them heater shields in the fireforge sergeants box!

5 commentaires:

  1. Excellent models. If I had to take sides in this conflict, I would probably be a Kaliad partisan. I really like their shields.

  2. Really nice work. I'm also quite impressed with the conversion process you showed in the last few posts. Wonderful stuff!

  3. Good painting and conversions. I´d join the Kaliad side as well..the shields look great.

  4. Very nice Max! Looking forward to the next ones.

  5. Both factions look very cool. Keep up the good work


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