samedi 15 juin 2013

Heavy metal

No, not the music, just some more figures, this time in heavy armour.

With these made i only have 2 unassembled figures left, really need those new ones to arrive!

The Runissians. The left hand man needs a camail and perhaps something to show his surcoat at the sleeves, but the rest are done.

Note the shield is not the right one, just there until i get the heater shields. It is a cut down pavise if you're wondering.
The left hand man started life drawing his sword. It looks good, but the other arm looked rubbish so i tore it off and gave him armoured arms and a glaive.

Ithink i can blow my own trumphet and say those hands are good. Very happy with them.

A couple of Kaliad elites. Again, this might not be the final shield.

Again, missing a camail. The arms are archer arms, and the fully armoured pavise carrier uses a wargames factory arm and a merc arm, all cut down and covered in chain mail sleeves.

Close up sans shield.

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  1. Great work here, Max! This hobby of ours is hard enough without making whole armies out of converted figs.

    I've tried conversions with Greenstuff and really struggle. Is Milliput better to work with? And how are you getting such good results on the chainmail?

    1. Thanks Monty. The thing is repetition. It might seem obious, but the first chain mail sleeves i did look pretty rubbish. Now that i've done a few and over a dozn camails, i'm getting the hang of it now.
      I began with a tutorial i found on the net and did it over and over and over again.

      As for differences between miliput and greenstuff i can't say. I've read that greenstuff is more like chewing gum, perhaps easier to stretch, and it's true some of my finishes are not super smooth with miliput.
      It is cheaper, that's for sure!

      Finally, do BIG. It's so much easier than doing tiny details. Do cloaks, hair, scarfs, mail coifs... That way you get use to it.

      Hope this helps and good luck if you try yourself!

  2. Superb conversion work on these.

  3. Nice work. I like the shield as is, think it works

  4. Very clever Max, excellent conversion work!

  5. You're definitely entitled to blow your own horn on these conversions. They look great -- especially those detailed hands!

  6. Some really interesting and clever conversions here!


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