dimanche 29 décembre 2013

The appeal of the apocalypse - Some solid fluff I

No one is sure why humans first landed on Normedra. It happened centuries ago, there exists very few documents from that time and the ones that have survived Normedra's tormented history sit in the libraries of rich and high up philosophers and politicians in Normedra Yski. Most other people have better things to worry about...

Before Man came to Normedra, the planet was an icy wasteland, nothing but snow drifts and pack ice. It stayed that way for generations after the first colonists arrived, and it was these who built Normedra's first settlement, Normedra Yski, centered around the immense structure of the landed colony ship. Yski was the light of humanity in the white wastes, until scientists began releasing terraforming gases into the atmosphere in an attempt to warm up the planet.
It worked well, for a time at least. The weather warmed up and thousands left the confines of Yski to discover Normedra's riches, but within a hundred years the climate savagely lashed back and threw down the order of the Yski state as the world plummeted into a new ice age.

The fruit of hundreds of years work and expansion were in vain; Normedra would not be conquered so easily. Many spoke of the world's ancient gods reclaiming their world and punishing Man for his sins, leading to the birth of several cults and religious groups centered around their worship. Whereas before all of Normedra fell under the power of Yski and were ruled by the Kralka, the council of Yski, now there are hundreds of smaller city states as well as many smaller settlements in the forests and tundra that surround the towns.

Normedra Yski, or just Yski, is a huge city. It is by far the largest settlement in the world and will always stay that way. It was first built around the body of a landed colony ship, and even today it's enormous steel and titanium ribs protrude from the ground, reaching into the sky and towering over the ruins around it. It was once the heart of the city, but during the time of the Reclaim the area became dangerous due to radiation and chemicals leaking from the ship, so now it sits slowly rotting, surrounded by abandoned buildings and is considered a holy place for the inhabitants of Yski.
Like many other cities of Normedra Yski is a city state, albeit much bigger. The city and the surrounding land and smaller villages and towns all fall under control of the Kralka, Yski's council. The council sit in the Kralka building, from where it took it's name from, a huge cathedral looking building, a huge menacing building to show all that the dwindling power of Yski is still strong and always will be. It is here that several groups struggle for power and discuss how Yski should be ruled and problems sorted. There are dozens of these political groups, and old ones are dissolved and new ones formed constantly.

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