lundi 30 décembre 2013

Chain of Command - bandits vs city state soldiers

This is the third game i have played while i'm at my parents, and the first when the camera actually worker! In the first game the batteries died on me and the second i forgot! For all the games i used Toofatlardies' Chain of Command platoon level WWII rules, my favorite rules at the moment.
In all three games i have used the first forces i made for Normedra, one being a platoon of bandits from the tundra and the other being a small but well armed platoon of soldiers from a city state. The first game was a flank attack with the city state troops attacking and, helped by a tank, drove off the bandits. In the next game the bandits were counter attackig,  probing the city states' lines to try and force them back but despite a fire beginning in the middle of the battlefield and a brave assault by a section of bandit elite the attack was thrown back.
The third game in a patrol, with two platoons meeting each other and seeking to force the other back. Below is the lay of the land, the bandit jump off points are at the bottom of the photo, the city state JOPs are at the top.

As i have no 15mm terrain, the ruin is just a quick knock up from card. Various objects make hills and folds in the ground, perfect cover in the treeless tundra, and the 'wheat fields' are patches of shrubs.

The bandits for once start with higher morale so go first. I tweaked their list, allowing them a LMG and lowered their level, allowing them to take more units than the city soldiers. So in this game the city soldiers only had a 50mm mortar for support while the bandits had a light 'universal carrier' with a LMG and an armoured half track. No wonder their morale was higher!
Below a squad of riflemen move into the ruins to deny them to the city soldiers, and the carrier comes under fire from a squad that deployed in the shrubs at the top of the picture.

A squad of city soldiers with the platoon sergeant deploys, looking to move against the other flank.

To counter them, the bandits deploy their 'elites' (armed with assault rifles, a grenade launcher and wearing captured uniforms) and the half track and the third squad advances, machine gun blazing.

City soldiers in the shrubs with the 50mm mortar at the bottom right providing some help from behind a fold in the ground. Due to a lack of 1's the mortar only fired twice!

The half track pushes up, firing all the way and helped by the elites. The city soldiers are well armed but their sections are small so losses hurt!

The third city state section deploys to help their comrades in the shrubs.

The rifle team dismounts, leaving the machine gun team in the half track, and prepares to assault.

Pinned and with losses, the city state section is thrown back, only the wounded platoon sergeant and NCO get away.

The carrier pushes up in the middle. The city soldiers deploy their anti-tank team and fire at the carrier, but only damage the engine so the platoon commander calls his men to withdraw.

The bandits have managed to throw back the over confident city soldiers, mainly thanks to some vehicle support!

I used the CoC rules with no major changes, just reduced assault rifles to only firing one shot like normal rifles, but roll 2 extra dice in assaults as normal. With most men being armed with one i guessed things would get very messy at close range, and ammunition would be scare (it is post apocalyptic after all!).

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  1. When you get the time, would like to see some close ups of your troops and bandits when they are completed.


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