mardi 24 décembre 2013

Mostly done - platoon for Normedra

Yeah, decent pictures!
First of all i wish a Merry Christmas to the readers of this sporadically updated blog, i hope you all have wargaming goodies of some sort.

I returned to my parents for the next two weeks, and of course i can't survive without some of my little men with me so i brought along my latest works to have a game of Chain of Command (hopefully!) with these men against those from the other post with the warlord, now a band of survivors for my setting.

Note i've lost my touch with the camera and some are out of focus.

Painted stuff so far. I had planned to get about a platoon finished before i came come, but time ran away.

The senior leaders, the platoon lieutenant on the left with a 2nd in command (or platoon sergeant) on the right. The lieutenant is a Vietnam American, and the platoon sergeant in a Soviet scout with a head swap.

NCOs, the middle man is straight from the blister, the left hand man has his arm bent down and head turned, and the right hand man is a body swap. I also moved his head slightly. Yes, i manage to convert even my 15mm figures! Not as easy as plastics, but milliput helps cover any mistakes!

An LMG team and 'bazooka' team.

Some men armed with grenade launchers, all converted in some way. You get a ton of these with Vietnam Americans so i had to change them somehow as you only get two different figures.

Some riflemen.

More riflemen.

The rest of the unpainted stuff to finish off my platoon, two LMG teams and some riflemen. Most of these have some conversion work, i can't stand to many duplicates!

These guys appeared in the last post, but they deserve a better photo.

And finally a MMG team, nothing special but i had it with me!

I also discovered some 6mm WWII stuff while looking through my lead pile here, but that's for another post!

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