samedi 28 décembre 2013

Quick, before 2013 is over!

Christmas loot!

It seems as if i've gone full circle. The first historical figures i got for Christmas were Flames of War Germans some years ago. Since then i've been on and off several different things, but now i'm back to the beginnings with a box of Volksgrenadiers, though not for World War II.

These figures will be used as a band of mercenaries or bandit raiders for Normedra.

I also went to a figure shop in Agen yesterday, and they must of known i was coming for all the Flames of War stuff was at 25% off. I also had a 10% off for a loyalty card, so i treated myself to some T-34's, 3 half-tracks and some universal carriers.

I think i have enough to get a few forces done for my sci-fi post-apocalyptic world (yes, that's the genre i'm calling it!).

I also managed to get a couple of Chain of Command games in while here at my parents, but i took no photos. I'm hoping to get in another one however and there will be pictures!

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