samedi 14 décembre 2013


 Oooh! A post!
Yes, for once i actually feel like posting, but i have no decent photos! I am still camera-less for the moment and have been forced to use my computer webcam to take pics of my latest work. I'm almost ashamed by the quality! But hey, it's something!

Firstly, however, i have decided to stop my other blog, and instead stick everything here. It might not please everyone, but i find when i get very 'into' one project or period and i never leave it for a while. So if i have another blog i will completely neglect this one, and i'm rather keen on the 'ol Scyld and Seax.
So Normedra will probably be deleted and all posting will be only here from now on!

Now time for the horrid pictures...

So, as some readers may know i'm doing this Normedra sort-of-sci-fi idea, perhaps more of a 20th century game in a different world though than true sci-fi. So alternate 20th century then (like Runissia is my alternate medieval!).
After a LOT of thought on what i actually wanted from this project, i decided to go winter on this one. I wanted to give a winter themed army a go, i don't see many of them, and one force might eventually do as a German WWII force (perhaps not all the figures, but some at least i think). I then thought on places, conflicts..., and decided that i would centre my attention on a town in the north of one of Normedra's continents.
The town is ruined and plunged into near arctic conditions, but in the surrounding lands there is oil and minerals that the southern industrial towns and ports need to survive. So merchants send bands of armed men to protect these assets and the all important rail lines against local warlords and bandits who want to control the traffic south.

The first platoon i am doing is one of the merchant's 'armed bands'. While not numerous, they are well armed with assault rifles, machine guns and support weapons. Below is a squad, 8 men, and a bazooka/rocket launcher team.

The figures are Battlefront Americans for Vietnam, converted and miliputted.

I changed the NCO's hand to make him pointing instead of waving.

Riflemen and a grenade launcher. I added camo smocks on some, or white 'cloaks' to cover more typical summer camouflage.

LMG team.

I plan to winter this beast up. In the north, the merchants supply their bands with tanks and other vehicles, often old designs, and in Normedra this will be one. I will add plenty of stowage, extra armour (such as side skirts) and then paint it white and weather it up.

Finally, some conversions, either to go with the warlord's men shown in the last post, or the beginnings of some bandits for the above men to fight against. They are Battlefront Soviets.

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