jeudi 8 août 2013

More blooming WIPs

Tired of this yet?
More cavalry, again a mix of Perry and Fireforge. I might need to order more soon but for the moment i'm really enjoying doing some mounted men. Being the 'elite' i can go to town a bit with fancy armour and what not, and after making English medieval forces and nearly done 2 Dux Brit forces on foot, i've got enough infantry for now.

Kaliads, the light lancer and a mounted crossbowman both finished.

The mounted crossbowman has Perry armoured bill arms. I like him as i only used miliput on the coif. Nice, simple, and quick!

The scout, all done too. I though about giving him a shield, but he looks good without one. He's a scout after all, no need to carry a heavy shield around. Also, he will be wearing a coat of plates once painted.

The heavies! Kindarrian heavy lancers. Unlike the Kaliads, the Kindarrians prefer heavier armour and no longer use javelins, leaving them to be used by the lighter cavalry, the stralots. So these men are jorfar, or nobles, cream of the Kindarrian armies and equipped in fashionable armour.

Note no crouched lancers here!

I'll make a stralot or two for every jorfar, some with lances to support the nobles, or lighter with javelins for harassing the enemy before the charge goes in.

Some horses. The left hand one appeared last post, now with chest armour and a head. The head looks a bit big, perhaps because of the feathers! Whoever will be riding this beast will be a mean fighter, probably a high ranking noble and a rich one too.

The headless horse will not have any metal armour, i'll add some additional decoration to the front and, once finished, will be the mount for the standard bearer, carrying the flag of the leader.

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  1. Tired? Nope, I love WIP pics, especially when someone is doing a cool project like this. Mixing figures from different makers and then adding your own touch is great.

  2. Hello Max, how are you...???
    good job, like always...

    what about playing with us, at carbon blanc...,
    you are not interested...???
    next week, i am not on Bordeaux, but after it's ok...

    see you later, maybe...

    sorry for my english...


    1. Bonjour Didier.

      Je veux passer, mais au moment je suis toujours occupé le weekend! Je suis allé à bordeauc la semaine dernier, mais dans la semaine.

      Mais en Septembre je vais habiter à Bordeaux, on m'a accepté au université la bas donc je serais la tout le temps. Je vais essayer de passer bientot, je te tien au courant!

  3. Un très beau et très intéressant travail de conversion!


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