mardi 6 août 2013

Cavalry and horses

For a change, i've decided to do some cavalry for a while as i've done mostly infantry, so i need a little break from them! As such, my next band (the Kindarrians i mentioned last post) will be mostly cavalry.

A couple of WIPs. Not sure if i went a bit over the top with the miliput with the left hand man. There's hardly any of the original model left! He will be a Runissian or Kindarrian, and the right one will be a Kaliad. Some extra horse tackle added for variation.

I also changed the horse for the Kaliad banner bearer to a calmer looking ambler. The horse is a conversion... you can see here. Two halves cut and stuck back together, an idea taken from the Lead Adventure Forum.

More horses, this time with some cloth barding and just fancy saddle. These two are conversions again with the same half-half treatment as above.

Wondering whether to do the left hand horse in a full cloth barding, or have it will some metal barding on the front. I'm leaning towards the latter and use it as a horse for a noble of some sort.

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  1. These are looking great. I love seeing your modifications to your models. Really good.

  2. WOW, excellent work! You do so much conversion that I'm wondering how you find time to paint!

    I've never seen the trick with horses cut like that. Are you combining different fronts and back?

    1. Thanks Monty. As the horses come in two halves, i sometimes only swap one half round, other times i'll do both. On the 3rd picture for example, it is only that side i changed. The other half is straight off the sprue.


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