dimanche 4 août 2013

Attacking the unpainted pile

Getting back into the swing of painting after a while not doing any. Continuing my alternate medievals as, although i might be gaming and thinking about the 15th century, i have enough figures for the moment.
Although they're not based, i thought i'd share them.

Kaliads. I tried blued armour on the champion (left with big axe) and was not sure if i over did it. Looks alright now though.

A couple of Runissians, including the third noble for the starter force. As he is noble, i decided he should have his own 'coat of arms', his family symbol that he wears to set him apart from the other soldiers who wear their lord's symbol.

Bird, person or mythical creature, who knows?

Also painted my first cavalry for this setting, a Kaliad noble or retainer and a Runissian.
For the infantry, i've tried to keep the colours similar, as, being common men, they have no symbol of their own and will wear their leader's colours. The cavalry, however, will be much more mixed as it is composed of nobles, who each have some followings in their colours.

This means the cavalry will have more 'flare' than the foot sloggers. The only exception is the Runissians, as many Runissian nobles choose to fight on foot.

Couple of other views.

And this is what will most likely be happening in reality:

'Back to the north, Runissian dog!'
I'm rather enjoying doing cavalry, and i've got plans to do a new band soon, this time of Kindarrians, horsemen who live east of Runissia.

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  1. Always a treat to read your background info.

  2. Very nicely done.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Looking good! Especially the shield design - "bird, person or mythical creature", love it :D


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