mercredi 14 août 2013

Jorfar and stralot

In English, a mounted noble and a lighter horseman.
Instead of waiting for the plastic pile to build up and up, i'm painting some of the cavalry i have been amassing lately, starting with these two:

'What is your plan, sir?'
'To beat the French Runissians!'

A jorfar is a Kindarrian noble, and this one is quiet rich or has managed to loot himself plenty of armour. The best armour (and most expensive) has shoulder plates, faulds, the lot, and if you go down a scale there's lots more chain mail.
I chose red and yellow because it clashed with the dark armour.

The stralot, or a regular, un-noble horseman. He wears a red and yellow tunic under a padded jack and coat of plates.

I'll probably add a couple more lighter horsemen with red and yellow, but no more as i want to go to town with the colours on these men!

4 commentaires:

  1. Very nice. Are these the ones you added some milliput to?

  2. These are great. It is nice to see the whole transitions of what you have been working on. Great work.


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