samedi 4 mai 2013

Watch this space!

Ormond was said to have brought over some Irish with him to Mortimer's cross, so i decided to make some to go onto a man at arms base (quite convenient, there was a discussion on Irish armies in the 15th century on the Lead Adventure forum not long ago). 2 Gallowglaichs, ready to go chopping through Edward's army with their long axes.

Both have 'mail capes' (coifs) and mustaches. The left hand one is probably a minor chief or a veteran to be wearing a fancy brigandine and long mail shirt.

Research continues and soon, the orders of battle.

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  1. Are you planing on extending the finger on the rights "aketon"? And are you thinking of trying to make some Kerns?

    1. The right hand figure will stay as he is, the 'jack' is a bit short but i will make a few more so it will be hidden in the masses!
      I will make some Kerns, not sure how yet but i will. Thinking Wargames Factory Numidian bodies (bare legged) with a cloak or something like that.

    2. That's actually what i was thinking. I am looking at the Numidian's right now. Trying to decide if, I give them big flouncy sleeve's or just give them clocks.

  2. Mail looks to have turned out well.



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