jeudi 2 mai 2013

An idea, a plan, a battle

I've wanted to do a real battle for some time now. So far in all my historical gaming life, i have never done a 'proper' historical battle. I have thought about it but never done anything solid. So i thought it was about time.

The question is what? Well, 15th century obviously, but there are several battles. The battle of Barnet would be interesting, but a blogger recently did it. Towton? Snowy, and all my men are on nice grassy bases. St Albans? There's two of them too, so i have even more choice. Or even Bosworth?

Then i thought; 'what about Mortimer's cross?'
For those who don't know loads on the period, Mortimer's cross was fought on the second of February 1461. It was the first major victory won by Edward, later Edward IV. Unfortunately for me, it is one of the least known battles of the Wars.

I began by looking though books on battles in Britain, and my men at arms books. Some maps, but nothing massive. I got the names of the battle commanders, so that's a start.
So, i looked on the internet. I don't like using the internet for research, as anyone can put on anything, but it has its uses and i found some articles on the battle that need reading properly and filtering.

I also found a list of people present at the battle, meaning i can have the fun task of researching them, finding their coats of arms and maybe a livery colour (unlikely).
The funny thing is the numbers; it wasn't a huge battle, but some books say the numbers are unknown. On the internet though, i found some numbers: 9000 in total, 2500 vs 3500, 10 000 vs 8000. Deaths vary between 3000 and 4000, so at first i put my guess at between 10 000 and 12 000 for Edward and 8000 and 10 000 for the Lancastrians, taking the casualties as about a third of the total force. In truth no one is certain, but hopefully i can make an estimated guess. I just need Edward to outnumber the Lancastrians.

What rules will i be using? Dux Bellorum most likely, based on single bases and placed on sabot trays. I will be using my current collection and adding some historical troops to my force, mostly the top dogs and have a sprinkling of banners in my own retinues to show their allegiance. The Lancastrians also had some Irish, French and Bretons, so that should be interesting.

Next post will probably be some info on the battle, and my 'orders of battle'!

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  1. I intend to do Mortimers Cross this year so would be very interested in any research that you can pass on

    I have found information on the Iris, French and Breton impossible to come by, so anything on those in particular would be most welcome

    1. Sure thing. I thing Mortimer's Cross is the least documented battle in the Wars, at least one of the worst documented (i'll confirm this once i've researched all the battles!).
      Having little info can be one of the joys though...

  2. Seeing this develop will be very cool. Oddly enough, M's cross is one of the few of these battles of which I have heard, though I've now isea why.


  3. Interesting and unusual choice, look forward to see how the project progresses.


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