lundi 20 mai 2013

What's this?

To break up a bit what i'm working on, i decided to get out the miliput and do some experimenting.
These are made for my medieval world, the one i've mentioned a lot but never done anything with :-D. So, i decided to do something, a case of get up or shut up perhaps...

At first i did little things; camails (or aventails, the mail neck armour), boots and helms, but now i'm being more creavtive. Chain mail hauberks, arms and below the waist, leg and arm armour (both plate and the 'splinted' type, where the armour is made of strips of iron and leather), a coat of plates on one that i really hoped worked as i cut off loads of the coat to made it snug.

Below right: That one is destined to be a leader, with a long flowing surcoat of some sorts under his armour. It took me a while to get to this stage, first doing the padded jacket you can see on the lower body, then the lower coat, then the arms, each time leaving the stage before to dry fully. I've ruined enough sculpting to know to let things dry.

Some common soldiers, the crossbowmen have boots, simpler than the first ones i did. The sword and buckler man uses Wargames Factory arms, that are perfect for this.

More soldiers, mostly just added camails, but two use modified pike arms to hold their spears level.

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  1. Wow! I'm really impressed with your sculpting Max, very nice. Looking forward to seeing the painted models.

    1. Thanks! It might be some time to do some painting, as i'm really in the 'zone' for sculpting and really want to pump out a few more before i loose the inspiration.

  2. Excellent Max, très joli....,
    crois tu que l' on pourrait faire pareil, sur du 20 mm plastique...???
    Pour mon SPQR, cela pourrait me servir, surement, non ???

    a bientot, au club...

    Mon blog : SPQR-FIGS

    1. En 20mm? Je peut toujours essayer.
      J'amenerai ma miliput au club et je peux faire une petit essaye :D

  3. Very nice, I've always used green stuff for my conversions, but miliput is less tacky than green stuff. I might try it. Thanks

    1. I've never used greenstuff, but i've been told it's easier to use than miliput. It works fine for me though.


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