jeudi 9 mai 2013

Ormond - making a start

Here are the first men built for my Mortimer's Cross battle, and my third historical retinue (the first where i've actually done some research though).
These men belong to Ormond's retinue, the man charging with a poleaxe is James himself. I've only done armour, skin and some base colours, but i've tested out the livery on one archer to see how it looks. Seeing as i've never really painted yellow, i like how it came out (easier than white!).

I have three more archers assembled for the moment, and these will form the 'English' part of the retinue, and will be supplemented by Irish foot and horse.

As you may have noticed, i've changed games room. It's quiet and out the way, but a bit dark and taking photos isn't easy so they're a bit rubbish for the moment.
I'm trying to be inventive with the poses, seeing as i've already got a large number of these men. I'm also using some Wargames Factory heads to add some variation. Below is a mustached head to make the archer look a little more Irish (like the Gallowglaich) and the militia will have bare heads. One even has a classic bowl cut. Perfect!

Below on the right is James Butler. I had sure his armour was nice and shiny, he has plenty of squires to clean it and a high ranking noble can't go around in blackened armour, can he? The others will have dirtier armour, of course.

Although for the Battle i'll only need around 12 men and 6-12 Irish, i'll make more so i can use them for my skirmishes. I read that Ormond lead a raid on Warwick 
while he was at Calais, perfect for some small scale coastal raids!

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