samedi 9 février 2013

The shortest Dux game ever?

First off, the characters for my sort of Historical campaign in France.

The heroes of France:
Left, Perrin Ledoux. Son of a Doyen (esquire), Perrin is 25 and is out to make a name for himself. He is Devout and is of Average build. He leads the militia crossbowmen.
Centre, Sir Alain Le Grande. Alain is 21 years old, tall with the Constitution of an Ox and good looks. He is the younger son of a noble family with no inheritance and for the time being has been left on his brother's estates while he fights elsewhere against the Burgundians. Now is Alain's chance to shine.
Right, Robin Vallet. A professional soldier, he is 30, short and a Master of Arms after years of fighting. He leads Alain's soldiers.

The Burgundian raiders.
Left, Charles. He is noble, but now he has nothing and has been forced to become a mercenary to live. He is short and a heavy drinker, and he hopes he can take some land worthy of his ancestors. He is 23.
Centre, Steffan Vogel. Son of the gentry, Steffan is 26, tall, a Devout Christian and ambitious. He fights for Burgundy and Marie and leads the mounted men at arms to battle.
Right, John Stafford. An English mercenary, John is Gentleborn of the rough sort. He is Lustful and has a Lust for Power (-3 loyalty!), and is tall and strong. He wants gold and land and leads a band of English archers just as rough as he is.

The forces i 'm using in this campaign are slight modifications of the normal lists (thanks to Jim for the lists he made). The French can assemble: 6 men at arms, 12 soldiers, 6 militia and another 12 militia armed with crossbows. Alain also has 4 skirmishing handgunners.
The Anglo-Burgundians have 12 men at arms, 6 soldiers, 12 English archers and 4 light horsemen (replaces missile troops).

March, one year in the 15th century (i'll think of one some time soon)
Alain has received good news; Robin is returning with some men to support him against the routiers some of the farmers had spoke about. These raiders have been seen scouting the border lands and Alain has assembled the militia and his few men at arms at a tower, both to watch out for the Burgundians and wait for Robin's return.

A sentry spots Robin and his men and Alain goes out to meet him. (The brown strip is a river, i need to cut out some blue fabric to make a proper one!)
Robin and his men, glad to be home.

What's that? A glint of metal? A whine of a horse? Robin forms up his men against the threat.

There is a mighty war cry, and suddenly twelve mounted men at arms burst from cover, lead by Sir Vogel himself.

Ahhhh! Unpainted men!

Robin and his men are caught unawares and half the men fall wounded or dead. Robin himself is wounded.

Not even the cover of the fence can saw them as some cavalry rides around the house and kills another 4 men. Robin and the wounded surrender. Alain watches in disbelief from the stream.

Steffan ransoms the men back for a Soldier's Pay and puts the French out of action for 2 months. They could have contested but down on 10 men Alain would not risk it. Instead Steffan amasses much plunder and by June has an eye to capture a manor close to the border...

Two turns. The Burgundian lord was the last to activate on the first turn and the first on the second, effectivly giving him a double go. His cavalry, aided by cards, devastated the French soldiers. In these changes, men at arms can mount and dismount so we keep them at 6 man strength, which also makes them very hard on the charge.
Steffan, after 2 months raiding, is now promoted to a Knight and can commence battles (yes, already!) So we all know what's coming next...

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  1. Good. I love this rpg's traits and background.
    I laughed at "Ahhhh! Unpainted men!" ;)


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